McDonald’s Staff Fired After Being Accused Of Selling Marijuana At The Drive-Thru Window

McDonald’s fired eight staff members for allegedly selling marijuana at the fast-food restaurant. Coworkers filed a report against eight of their fellow McDonald’s staff members, claiming they sold marijuana via the drive-thru window.

The workers who purportedly were selling bags of marijuana at the drive-thru window cut up the cannabis and bagged it at the McDonald’s salad bar.

The allegations came from the McDonald’s in Genay, France, near Lyon — reported by Le Progrès newspaper. The claims of marijuana being sold at the fast-food eatery started surfacing when the restaurant came under new management in 2013.

According to reports by The Local — France’s news in English — a number of McDonald’s employees allegedly began selling marijuana to customers through the drive-thru window, after placing the marijuana packages in the McDonald’s take away bags.

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An employee told the Local how coworkers went about selling the bags of marijuana.

“They were cutting up the weed, weighing it, and bagging it at the salad bar.”

People who were interested in buying the weighed and bagged marijuana simply sent an SMS message to certain McDonald’s employees with their request. Then, a time would be arranged to carry out the transaction at the drive-thru window.

According to McDonald’s workers, after a series of months of deteriorating work conditions, along with the marijuana sales and drive-thru deals, a group of McDonald’s workers began having after-hours alcohol and drug-fueled parties on the restaurant premises, including card games that ran all night long.

On Friday, one of the McDonald’s workers told the Local how wild and unsanitary the conditions had become at the fast-food establishment.

“Some people were smoking joints, and then cooking without washing their hands.”

Eventually, concerned staff members filed a complaint about the marijuana use and sales with McDonald’s senior management, which resulted in eight workers being terminated.

In a statement, the fast food chain said that it had dismissed the employees for their “illegal occupation” of the premises after hours, as well as for their use of marijuana in the restaurant.

However, McDonald’s statement did not address the allegations that the drive-thru was being used as a means of selling drugs. In addition, a police spokesperson added that there was currently no investigation into drug trafficking at the premises.

The New York Daily News reported a McDonald’s spokesperson denied that drugs were sold at the French restaurant and said the following.

“Nine McDonald’s restaurant employees in Genay were illegally occupying the facility during off hours and indulging in card games as well as the use of cannabis.”

This latest McDonald’s report on marijuana being sold at the restaurant is not necessarily too far-fetched. According to a report by Empire News, the fast-food giant has become the first franchise in its industry to announce its intention to sell marijuana in outlets across the United States.

It appears that McDonald’s will begin this new phase in Colorado and Washington, where recreational use of the substance is legal.

Head of operations for McDonald’s in Washington told the press the company’s plans to sell marijuana.

“We’ll be stocking over 20 different strains, which is I’m sure very exciting for the public. It will also come in different forms, i.e. joints as well as cooked into certain meals. There’ll of course be conditions attached so as the service is not abused by our customers. For example, the classic marijuana brownies will only be available as part of what we are calling a ‘Super-happy Meal.’ Also, blunts will only be sold to those who take advantage of our new-look loyalty cards, available now at a store near you.”

Conservatives around the U.S. have condemned McDonald’s, stating that the fast-food giant is using a “legalization which is already killing our country. Now, not only will their food be causing obesity and heart attacks, it will be leading consumers to make irresponsible and impulsive decisions.”

On the other hand, people who partake of marijuana have come out in vast numbers in support of McDonald’s new marijuana endeavor.

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When informed about the new development, a marijuana user had the following to say.

“Dude, that’s so cool. Now we can get our weed and munchies at the same place and time. That’s one less trip we’ll have to make, one less time we’ll have to leave the basement.”

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