Ben Carson Talks About Faith, Love, And His Career On ‘The Kelly File’

Megyn Kelly didn’t interview Ben Carson on her own show tonight. Instead, Dr. Marc Siegel talked with him.

“Faith for me has been a critical and central part of my life,” Dr. Carson said at the very beginning of the interview.

He passionately recalled how important faith was to him as a child. He loved listening to mission stories. Carson revealed that it was Sunday School that inspired him to become a doctor.

Dr. Ben Carson
Ben Carson is deeply influenced by his faith. [Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]
Carson talked about his sometimes uncontrollable temper.

“As a teenager, faith played a huge role in my transition when I almost stabbed someone. And you know, I just prayed to God that somehow, he could take the temper away from me.”

Carson said he was normally a nice teenager, but would have sudden outbursts. He said God eventually took his temper away. Then, Carson talked about Obamacare

“The main reason I have been such an opponent of Obamacare is not so much because it’s not affordable and doesn’t work, but because it fundamentally changes the relationship between the people and the government,” Carson claimed.

Whether you like Carson or not, nobody can deny his appeal. He has gone from an outside Republican candidate to one who may actually become the president of the United States. The New York Post‘s John Podhoretz recently wrote an article that talks about the meaning of Ben Carson’s rise.

“Anyone who has been following conservative politics closely knew that Carson was going to have potent appeal as an outsider candidate — and that an outsider candidate was going to have a real opening this year.”

Podhoretz adds that part of Carson’s appeal is his upbringing. Carson was born to poverty in Detroit without a father. He overcame all the odds in order to become a successful neurosurgeon. Carson saved thousands of lives and some think he can save the country.

Ben Carson has been under fire lately for allegedly lying about being offered a full scholarship to West Point. Politico says that Carson was never actually offered such a scholarship. Carson has often used his West Point story to score points. In his book, Gifted Hands, Carson says he met with General William Westmoreland and that the meeting lead to a full scholarship to the military academy.

According to CNN, Ben Carson is now attacking the media over the coverage of his past.

“There is a desperation on behalf of some to try to find ways to tarnish me because they’ve been looking through everything, they have been talking to everybody I’ve ever known, everybody I’ve ever seen.”

Carson joked that next week, they’ll talk to his Kindergarten teacher, who saw him pee in his pants. CNN has been hounding Carson a lot lately and they have even interviewed friends who grew up with Carson and don’t remember him being a violent person. All of the people interviewed expressed surprise about the “violent” incidents Carson has described, which some think are lies in order to make him look like a “reformed” person.

Despite the criticism, some people on Twitter have defended Ben Carson.

If Ben Carson thinks all the scrutiny is bad now, just how bad will it get if he wins the Republican nomination? Do you think the media is going too far in scrutinizing Ben Carson? Let us know in the comments section.

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