Good news everyone! Futurama may be heading back to televison

Good new everyone! Futurama may be heading back to television.

Speculation about the series returning to a regular television run started in February when Actor Billy West, the voice of Fry, Farnsworth, Zoidberg, Brannigan and more told the audience at the Anime Supercon in Florida that due to the strong sales of the Futurama DVD's, Fox was considering a 6th season for the show.

Nothing had been heard since...until now. A source has told Collider that Futurama has been given a 13 episode order by Comedy Central. The same source claims that a production office has already been opened for the new series, and casting isn't far off.

There's no official confirmation yet, but likewise strong sales of the straight to DVD Futurama movies make the chances that someone has picked Futurama up strong, and the only two likely candidates are Fox or Comedy Central (Comedy Central currently holds re-run rights). The safer bet is Comedy Central, which could make the show work with a smaller audience.