WWE Rumors: 'Big Names' Being Called In To Help With Many Huge Talent Loss -- Major Name Returning Monday?

The loss of Seth Rollins is just another huge setback for WWE who is already without a number of big-name talents. The drop in main event superstars just got a lot worse when the WWE World Heavyweight Champion was lost for six to nine months due to injury. With that, the company is apparently looking to call up some "big names" to help fill the gaps while others are out, but is one huge superstar coming back from his time off already?

According to WrestleZone, WWE is going to be looking to call up "big names" or "major names" as has been rumored in the last couple of days. Honestly, Seth Rollins' injury is being looked at as happening at the worst possible time imaginable.

At this time, it isn't known who the "big names" are, but WWE is getting desperate.

Not only did the injury to Rollins make them lose their WWE Champion, but it also caused the main event of Survivor Series to be scrapped entirely. Now, a tournament for the WWE Title has been announced and will be hosted at the Pay-Per-View.

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Rollins' absence won't be short-lived either. He has a torn ACL, MCL, and medial meniscus which is going to have him sidelined for six to nine months. There is actually a very good chance that he won't just miss Survivor Series and Royal Rumble, but WrestleMania 32 as well.

This has left WWE scrambling to alter things for upcoming events, but now has them trying to change up things for the next months as well. That's not the biggest reason they are looking to call up "major names" though.

Before Rollins went out, there was already The Undertaker who is on a very limited schedule with WWE. Fortunately, he's not currently on as limited a schedule as he was last year. That's the good news, but not everything is perfect.

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Randy Orton is out with a shoulder injury, and it's not short-lived either. As reported by Cageside Seats, Orton is going to be out four to six months as well, and that puts yet another main event talent off of WWE television. Many are predicting it to be closer to six.

Brock Lesnar is on his limited schedule as well, and it's been said that he's on a hunting trip which will have him away at least for a while. He could be asked back for more dates, which includes extra pay from WWE, but it may be necessary.

It really isn't known who these big or major names may be that WWE is calling in, but will one of them be John Cena?

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John Cena has been off television since losing the United States Championship to Alberto Del Rio at Hell In A Cell about a week ago. It's been known for quite some time that Cena is going to be off of television until the end of December or at least the middle of the month.

Some have wondered if he was going to be coming back early, and rumors started swirling that he may show up on Raw this Monday night. While Cena will be on the Today show on Monday morning, he will not be showing up on Monday Night Raw.

It's virtually impossible for Cena to pull off being on Raw due to the fact that WWE is holding it in Manchester, Great Britain. With that being six hours ahead, it simply wouldn't be possible for Cena to be on the Today show and then make it over there for Raw.

That's not even mentioning the fact that Cena is off right now for "personal reasons," and requested it months ago.

WWE is hurting badly right now. Ratings are dropping and four to five of their main event stars are off TV for months. Seth Rollins' injury has thrown a huge monkey wrench in WWE's future plans, and the "big names" being called may have to show up very soon.

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