Taiwo Sobamowo: Investigative Probe Widens In Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Fake Hospice Nurse Case

Bobbi Kristina Brown has been at the center of controversy all year. Although she died back in July, the media reports have not waned. Now, Taiwo Sobamowo, a fake hospice nurse who cared for the 22-year-old, is in hot water. For those who missed it, Sobamowo, 32, was arrested for impersonating a licensed nurse after she cared for Bobbi Kristina during her stay in hospice care. While many fans may have assumed Sobamowo targeted Bobbi Kristina because she was a celebrity, an investigative probe has proven otherwise.

According to Yahoo! News, police are seeking information about other patients who may have been treated by Taiwo Sobamowo. Apparently, she has built a career based on fraudulent credentials and Peachtree Christian Hospice wasn’t the first medical facility she was employed with.

It has been reported that Taiwo Sobamowo actually held a number of medical positions prior to her employment with Peachtree Christian Hospice. According to ABC News, Sobamowo was also employed as at an assisted living facility in a nearby county and in Washington, D.C. before she sought employment with the hospice facility.

Taiwo Sobamowo was reportedly banned from seeking employment in the medical field after she “provided credentials under a different name, for a Registered Nurse licensed in the District of Columbia, for the purposes of employment,” according to the warning, which was printed in the November 2013 issue of District of Columbia Nurse, an official publication of the D.C. Board of Nursing, reports CBS News.

Investigators have obtained records detailing Sobamowo’s employment history, which led to the discovery of her alleged collegiate education. Although she insists she attended medical college in the Washington, D.C., area, investigators have been unable to confirm her attendance. So, there is no record that she successfully completed any medical degree program.

After being banned, the D.C. Board of Nursing urged potential employers in the medical field to “contact the Metropolitan Police Department and the Board of Nursing if she applies for a job at your facility.”

In this particular case, Taiwo Sobamowo used a legitimate state-issued nursing license number that belongs to an Atlanta nurse currently employed at Grady Hospital. Now that she’s been caught practicing without a license, she being forced to pay the consequences. Although she’s currently facing charges for felony first-degree forgery, felony identity fraud, and misdemeanor practicing nursing without a license, there is a strong possibility she’ll be facing more charges in the near future depending on what is uncovered during the investigation.

Duluth Police Capt. Mark Hunter released a statement detailing the department’s intent to further investigate Sobamowo’s work history. The investigative probe has uncovered a lengthy employment history for Sobamowo, which means many other patients could have been compromised under her care. In a nutshell, more patients mean more charges.

“In the capacity that she was operating, the patients that she treated, there are more than just Bobbi Kristina,” Hunter said. “Her actions could warrant more charges,” he said.

Homestead Hospice CEO Mallie Sharafat released a statement on behalf of Peachtree Christian Hospice. As expected, the company had no knowledge of Sobamowo fraudulent activity. Even after conducting a background check and contacting references, Sobamowo raised no suspicions. “We had no reason to believe that she was anything other than a good nurse with proper credentials,” Sharafat wrote.

[Image via Wake County Jail]

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