New ‘Peanuts Movie’: Snoopy And The Gang Are Back, But Does It Do Justice To The Original?

The Peanuts Movie hits the big screen today, rolling out into theaters all over the country. The beloved Peanuts gang has delighted adults and children alike for over six decades. Will the movie perform in the same classic style as the late creator’s vision, or will it take a new, modern turn?

Charles Schulz, creator of the Peanuts comic strip, which first hit newspapers on October 2, 1950, passed away in February of 2000, and yet his legacy lives on in the joy his Peanuts characters continue to bestow on fans, especially during the holidays.

The Peanuts kids are an iconic part of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The specials It’s the Great Pumpin, Charlie Brown, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and A Charlie Brown Christmas. Indeed, for many families, A Charlie Brown Christmas is a must-watch family movie. Christmas without the Peanuts would be missing something sweet and magical.

And yet the Peanuts movies are not just a bit of fluff. For the most part, there is a deeper meaning behind the fun. A good example is the speech Linus gives during the Christmas play, where he quotes from the book of Luke from the Bible, explaining that the birth of Jesus is what should be celebrated. Charlie Brown’s depression over the commercialization of the holiday is threaded throughout the movie, which aired on TV for the first time on December 9, 1965. Imagine what Charlie Brown would think of the commercialization of Christmas these days!

Does the new Peanuts Movie stay true to its roots, or is it corrupted by modern-day thinking? Will the computer animated movie, produced by Blue Sky Studios, lose something in the transformation? According to Mashable, Steve Martino, the director of The Peanuts Movie, was guided by one rule during the making of the movie, to which he and the entire team adhered.

“Be true to Schulz’s work.”

Charles’ son, Craig, and his grandson, Bryan, worked closely with the team in the making of the movie, and they joined Cornelius Uliano in the writing of the script. Martino said he was constantly aware of the need to keep the characters and plot in the classic style, not only for the Schulz family but for the millions of fans who were looking forward to The Peanuts Movie.

“Everybody has some connection with these characters. Good grief, this is a tremendous amount of pressure.”

According to the Los Angeles Timesreview of The Peanuts Movie, there is absolutely no modern equipment embedded into the story, such as cell phones and laptop computers. It is important to note that adult celebrity actors and actresses do not play a part in the movie. Children play the parts of the iconic Peanuts characters, with voices that closely resemble the Peanuts characters of yore.

Today is the big day! The Peanuts Movie, computer animated in a charming mix of old and new, hits theaters today. Good luck trying to keep yourself from rushing out to the theaters this weekend. Watch the full trailer below.

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