Robert Herjavec Talks Cancer: How He’s Helping His Fans Move Forward

Robert Herjavec used to be a private person before joining Dancing with the Stars. Robert has filmed Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank for years, but the show only focused on business investments. They weren’t the kind of shows where Robert could open up about who he is and his personal story.

But when Robert Herjavec was offered a spot on Dancing with the Stars, he jumped at the chance. As it turns out, Robert had a special connection with the show, even though he had never been a contestant or a judge. In fact, he didn’t know his future dance partner, Kym Johnson. But the show had a special meaning for him, as he used to watch it with his mother while she was battling ovarian cancer in the hospital.

According to a new tweet, Robert Herjavec is now using social media to help those who are dealing with a personal loss due to cancer. Herjavec’s own mother died from ovarian cancer in 2007, and it is something that he is still struggling with today. It has been an emotional time for him, and he is now helping those who have just lost someone close to them.

“My mom just died of ovarian cancer. I doubt you even see this, but please retweet if you do,” one follower wrote to Herjavec, who replied, “Tom – my prayers go out for you – there are too many of our mothers, daughters and women being taken by this awful disease.”

“It’s only been a few weeks, and I miss her so much I can’t even sleep at night. Thank you for being so kind to respond,” the follower replied to Robert Herjavec, clearly with a message that his thoughts and prayers were making quite the difference.

It had been a tough few years for Robert Herjavec prior to him joining the show. Not only had he lost his mother to cancer, but he had also ended his marriage of 24 years. He had decided to file for separation, and he contemplated suicide. He stood on the balcony of his Toronto hotel room and contemplated jumping, according to People.

“I just wanted to end it,” Herjavec revealed, adding, “It’s been a terribly difficult year. We were great parents and a great team, but over time we drifted apart.”

It took Robert some personal time in Seattle and an offer to do Dancing with the Stars to get back on track. At the time, Robert’s three college-aged children weren’t speaking to him. It is uncertain what went on to make the children take sides, but Herjavec was devastated.

“Everyone has their kryptonite,” Herjavec says, adding, “For me, it was my kids. It took me to a place I never thought I would go.”

Herjavec opened up about his struggles on Dancing with the Stars, talking both about his divorce and losing his mother to cancer. Robert was so emotional talking about his mother that many people could relate to his struggles. And this may be why people are now reaching out to him in hopes of getting some encouraging words. As for Herjavec’s personal recovery, he has great appreciation for the cast and crew on Dancing with the Stars.

“The entire cast and crew of Dancing with the Stars is evolving into an extended family and is incredibly supportive. Kym has become a great friend, and it is so much fun to be able to share this experience with her,” Robert revealed at the time, saying, “I’m just super excited, because it’s a different experience, one that’s definitely out of my comfort zone.”

He is now dating his dance partner, Kym Johnson.

What do you think of Robert Herjavec sharing personal information about losing his mother to cancer?

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