Chasity Norwood: Student Forced To Swear ‘I’m Not Pregnant’ On Bible Because Of Weight Gain

By all accounts, Chasity Norwood, 17, is an exemplary student. Chasity has good grades, has served as the manager of both the football and volleyball teams at her high school, is active in her church and works part-time at a grocery store. She has also been a member of her school’s Student Government Association during her freshman, sophomore, and junior year of school. She assumed that she would be a member of the organization her senior year, as well, but when she went to sign up for the club, something surprising — and illegal — happened.

The school’s club adviser allegedly asked Chasity Norwood to swear on the Bible that she was not pregnant.

Norwood, who attends Jackson High School in Jackson, Georgia, wasn’t bothered by the adviser asking if she was pregnant — a relaxed attitude when compared to how many would expect a young lady to react to such a proposition.

Jackson High School, where a student was forced to swear she wasn't pregnant on a Bible.
The school’s motto says, ‘Respect yourself, respect others, and respect our school.’ [Image via Michael Rivera/CC BY-SA 3.0]
“She knew she had gained weight but she knew she wasn’t pregnant, so it didn’t bother her,” Norwood’s mother, Tammy Williams, explained to 11 Alive Atlanta.

But, that wasn’t enough for the Student Government Association adviser. Just a few days after asking Chasity Norwood if she was pregnant, she approached the student in the cafeteria of her school.

“She asked her if she was a Christian, [Chasity] said yes,” Tammy explained. “[The adviser] asked another teacher to get her a Bible. When she got the Bible, Chasity told me that she asked her to swear that she was not pregnant.”

Chasity Norwood swore on the Bible and paid the $25 due to join the club, believing that this time the ordeal would be over.

It was not.

The adviser allegeldy approached Norwood again in early September, accusing her of being pregnant.

Chasity Norwood forced to swear on Bible at public school.
High school student Chasity Norwood was forced to swear she was not pregnant on a Bible. [Image credit: Roberto Machado Noa / Getty Images]
“[The adviser] said, ‘I think you’re pregnant and you can’t walk behind me pregnant,'” Norwood’s mother said. “And, that really hurt her. [The adviser] said, ‘Your check will be refunded. I hope you graduate and have a nice life.”’

At that point, Chasity Norwood broke down. She called her mother, crying, and said she didn’t want to go to school any longer. A bright, young, accomplished, and not pregnant Norwood was being accused, hounded, and forced to swear on a Bible. Her mother quickly went into action, meeting with the principal at Jackson High multiple times about the incidents involving her daughter and the adviser.

“The principal has been exceptional with me. He has been talking with me all along the way — even though I haven’t felt he’s done anything,” Williams said. “He’s always had the door open for me.”

Reportedly, the school’s principal has not done anything to resolve the situation. Norwood is still not a member of the student government organization on grounds that she paid her dues too late. Other students, who paid their dues even later than Norwood, have been allowed to remain in the club.

The principal hasn’t allowed Tammy Williams to speak with the adviser and the Superintendent of Butt’s County, where the school is located, has issued a statement, claiming he only learned about the incident last week.

“We are investigating any allegations. We will do a very thorough review. We treat all our students fairly.”

Even if Chasity were pregnant, the school has seemingly failed her on many levels, while breaking the law, as well. Jackson High is a public school, which means asking a student to swear on the Bible — for any reason — is illegal on the grounds that it can’t legally invoke religious beliefs on its student body. Furthermore, a student’s pregnancy shouldn’t bar her from participating in her school’s extra-curriculars.

If you were the parent, how would you handle the situation?

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