WWE News: Backstage Update On Seth Rollins Vs. Triple H At WrestleMania 32

Nobody wants an injury to occur. Especially in the WWE, injuries can ruin careers. The initial scare is that WWE fans will forget about a superstar who is gone for extended periods of time. Also, they wonder if the WWE Universe will care when he or she returns. These notions typically go through the mind of a wrestler who gets injured. Unfortunately, one of the WWE’s best sustained a crushing blow at a WWE live event in Dublin, Ireland.

Seth Rollins was taking on Kane. As he was about to hit the sunset flip powerbomb onto a table, Rollins landed awkwardly on his right knee. Upon landing, Rollins’ knee buckled inward, causing him to fall to the ground. Like a true professional, Rollins finished the match and was even able to powerbomb Kane through the table after sustaining the injury.

Seth Rollins Kane Injury WWE Seth Rollins and Kane face each other in the ring. [Image via WWE]He was helped to the back, which saw the WWE Universe “flip out” on social media. Rumors began to circulate, but the WWE didn’t waste time announcing what had happened to the WWE World Heavyweight champion. Seth Rollins sustained a torn ACL, MCL and medial meniscus. He will miss six to nine months. It’s quite clear that WrestleMania plans for Rollins are out the window.

According to Daily Wrestling News and F4WOnline.com, Seth Rollins had big plans at WrestleMania 32 to face-off against Triple H.

“As you can imagine, Seth Rollins was factored into all main event plans through WrestleMania 32. Even if they were going with Roman Reigns to win the WWE World Heavyweight Title at Survivor Series, Rollins would still have been involved in the title picture.

“This should also come as no surprise but it was noted on Wrestling Observer Live today that Rollins vs. Triple H is no longer being considered for WrestleMania 32. Any role for Rollins at WrestleManiawould be pushing it as some believe he will be out of action closer to 8 months. It’s still too early to tell how long Rollins will be out but you can bet WWE officials are scrambling to get new plans in place.”

It’s not only the WWE Universe that is unhappy with Rollins’ extended absence from the WWE. Triple H, Big E and Mick Foley commented on his injury.

How will the WWE change the entire plan for WrestleMania 32? It’s not as if Heath Slater got injured at a house show. No disrespect, but Slater isn’t a vital piece to the WWE puzzle. Seth Rollins was the WWE World Heavyweight champion. He was going to headline WrestleMania 32. There could’ve been a Triple Threat match at WrestleMania between the Shield at WrestleMania 32.

Now, it’s all gone and the WWE Creative team has to re-write nearly everything. WWE Raw this Monday will provide a lot of information. There’s not even information as to who will be in the tournament to crown a new championship at Survivor Series. Only one true situation exists that can help the entire situation.

Dean Ambrose Survivor Series Dean Ambrose holding the Intercontinental Title. [Image via WWE]Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns must face each other for the WWE championship at Survivor Series. Even though Ambrose was headed for a feud against Kevin Owens, everything has changed from this point forward. Giving it to Sheamus isn’t logical right now. He isn’t hot at all and the crowd simply doesn’t care about him.

If the WWE wants to use Sheamus properly, have him cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase when Rollins comes back and wins back his WWE World Heavyweight championship. Rollins will portray a babyface character, and that will give Sheamus plenty of heat to make him relevant.

[Image via WWE]