Obama Will Be Greeted by Tea Party Protestors at Cleveland Rally Tomorrow

When President Barack Obama visits the Cuyahoga County Community College tomorrow he will be met by Cleveland Tea Party Patriots protestors. According to the fiscally conservative Ohio tea party group’s website, the protest will focus on Obama’s “mismanagement” of the economy and the “havoc” he has “wreaked” on the hopes of students. During President Obama’s visit to the important swing state he is expected to discuss the economy and the issue of mounting student loan debt.

President Obama campaigned at the same community college during his initial run for office spreading a message of
Hope and Change.” Cleveland Tea Party Patriots protest rally organizers invited area citizens join the group in protesting the “four years of fairy-tale failures” by carrying signs, banners and stopping by the Romney campaign bus. Although the protest is in firm opposition to President Obama’s style of governance, organizers clearly state the event will be held in conjunction with local laws and security perimeters respected.

Doors open for the Obama rally at 11 am and the president is expected to take to the microphone at 1 pm. The event is free but requires a ticket obtained from one of the local Democratic campaign offices or the college recreation center to attend, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Obama campaign aides told the media that the Ohio campaign event will feature a “major speech” and detail the president’s ideas for “ensuring the economy is “built to last.”

Mitt Romney is also visiting the key battleground state with a fundraiser planned in Cincinnati later this evening.

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