WWE News: Full NXT Results For November 4 [Finn Balor vs. Apollo Crews]

Last night’s episode of WWE NXT was headlined by NXT Champion Finn Balor defending his title against No. 1 contender Apollo Crews. The full results of NXT — including recaps for matches and interviews — are below.

  • Asuka defeated Cameron. The NXT Universe isn’t an easy crowd to win over, especially if you’re a woman who relies primarily on her looks. Despite this being somewhat of a surprise return match for Cameron, the crowd was chanting “Asuka’s gonna kill you” from the get-go. They made mention on last season’s Total Divas, as reported by WrestleZone, that Cameron was going down to the Performance Center to start training, and to her credit, she looked solid against Asuka. The match went just short of three minutes before Cameron tapped and Asuka took home another win.
  • Promo: Carmella, Dash & Dawson. As Carmella was backstage giving a medical update on Enzo and Big Cass, she was interrupted by Dash & Dawson, the guys who injured Carmella’s friends. They took over the interview and left a wheelchair with the word “Vaudevillains” written on it.


  • Promo: Jason Jordan & Chad Gable. After a commercial break, we go to a pre-recorded promo in which Jordan and Gable challenged The Ascension to come back to NXT for one more match.
  • Bull Dempsey defeated Angelo Dawkins. Bull Dempsey got a clean win in just under five minutes. Dawkins was accompanied to the ring by his tag team partner, Sawyer Fulton. Frustrated with his partner after the loss, Fulton stormed off by himself, leaving Dawkins in the ring.
  • Promo: Vaudevillains. In response to Dash & Dawson, the NXT Tag Team Champions the Vaudevillains explained that they were gentlemen rather than roughnecks. That’s what got them to where they are, and that’s why they will win when next week, as confirmed by WWE, the Vaudevillains will face Dash & Dawson for the NXT Championship.
  • Promo: Bailey, Hype Bros. In a backstage promo, NXT Women’s Champion Bailey announced that the Hype Bros would be her tag team partners next week against Alexa Bliss and Blake & Murphy.
  • Eva Marie defeated Marley. Like Cameron, Eva Marie is not openly accepted by many members of the NXT Universe. She’s also put a new emphasis on training, but the crowd didn’t seem impressed. She has a lot of work to do if they want her to get over with the NXT fans at Full Sail University. She gets the clean win in under three minutes. At WWE.com, she gave the following interview after her match.
  • Promo: Emma, Dana Brooke. Backstage, Emma says that she’s not scared of Asuka, she just doesn’t like Asuka getting in her face and smiling. Dana Brooke said she also respected Asuka, but did not appreciate being patted on the head. Emma and Asuka will have a match in the future.
  • No Decision: Finn Balor vs. Apollo CrewsNXT Championship Match. With eighteen minutes of airtime left, Apollo Crews’ music hits. The amazing athleticism of Crews was on display, and the NXT crowd loved it. The NXT Champion — sans demon paint — brings his A-game. It’s clear from the on-set that these two could put on a phenomenal match. About ten minutes into the match, Baron Corbin inexplicably came to the ring to attack both men, and the match was called. Samoa Joe came to the ring to chase Corbin away, only to attack the vulnerable Finn Balor himself as the show ended. This lays the groundwork for a Fatal Fourway at the next NXT special.

This episode of WWE NXT is currently available to stream on-demand through the WWE Network and Hulu Plus.

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