Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Back Together? ‘Hunger Games’ Star Is Still The One For Miley

It seems Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth cannot have enough of each other.

Though it has been a little over two years since the pair called off their engagement, recent news reports suggest that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth might be contemplating getting back together. It all started when Liam got candid for the first time about his five-year relationship with Miley during an interview with Men’s Fitness. Speaking about his relationship with Miley, the Hunger Games star conceded that he will always have a thing for his ex-lover.

“You fall in love with who you fall in love with. You can never choose. I guess some people just come with a little more baggage. I mean, look—we were together five years, so I don’t think those feelings will ever change. And that’s good because that proves to me that it was real. It wasn’t just a fling. It really was an important part of my life and always will be. She’s a free spirit. I think she’ll always surprise people with what she does, but she’s not a malicious person in any way. She’s a young girl who wants to do what she wants to do.”

That’s such a beautiful thing to say about your ex. And it sure struck a chord with Miley, who reportedly got over the moon once she found about the interview, according to Hollywood Life. The media outlet was able to gain access to a source close to Cyrus, who confided that the 22-year-old star felt vindicated when she found out that Liam had been unabashedly himself in the public interview.

“Hearing him defend her and say he still cares about her and loves her is huge, Miley could not be happier. For a long time she was angry at him and she felt like he abandoned her so it’s that much more meaningful that he’s being so public about it, she feels vindicated.”

Another source (it is not yet known if it was the same person who confided to Hollywood Life), in a rather revelatory interview with Life and Style, said that Miley Cyrus has always wanted to be Mrs. Hemsworth.

“She got that flutter in her stomach she felt when they first got together, and immediately reached out to him,” the source told Life & Style. “She said she’ll always love him too, and that he’ll always be the man she imagines spending the rest of her life with. [Liam Hemsworth] is the first man she ever loved, and he’s still the love of her life. Miley always wanted to be Mrs. Hemsworth, and that hasn’t changed.”

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth split up in September of 2013, after which the Hannah Montana star went on to release her post break-up single “Wrecking Ball.” Though Miley has had a couple of high-profile flings with Patrick Schwarzenegger and Stella Maxwell since then, the Hunger Games star has been relatively broody during the same period, even saying on record that he found it “very difficult” to date after breaking up with Cyrus.

And now the fires seem to have been stoked again. Soon after Liam went public about his feelings, Miley posted the following picture of her in a distinctly familiar ninja turtle onesie.

And if you are wondering why Miley’s selfie could be associated with her feelings for Liam, here’s why. It is the dress Liam sported during the ice bucket challenge about a year ago.

It remains to be seen if the recent reports about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth getting back together are accurate, but from the look of things at the moment, it is quite likely that Miley and Liam might indeed be interested in giving their relationship another chance.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images]