Josh Duggar Mocked At CMAs To Amy Duggar’s Hubby’s Glee: Duggars Bashed In ‘Law & Order: SVU’ With Dark Twist

The Duggar family name has recently suffered after Josh Duggar admitted to molesting five underage girls (several of whom were his sisters, including Jill and Jessa Duggar), cheating on his wife, Anna, using the Ashley Madison infidelity site, and being addicted to pornography. Now, with Josh safely tucked away for awhile in a Bible-based treatment center for sex addiction, the entertainment world is enjoying bashing Josh and the Duggars in various ways.

The Country Music Awards decided not to spare Josh, and Brad Paisley consequently delighted Dillon King, the husband of newly-wed rebel cousin Amy Duggar, by bashing the 27-year-old for his cheating ways, reported Us Weekly.

As Brad and Carrie Underwood helmed the CMAs, they mocked everyone from Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton to Josh, making cheating rumors the theme of the night. Referencing the reports that Josh had paid for two subscriptions on the Ashley Madison infidelity site, Brad started off the humor.

Josh Duggar paid for subscriptions on the Ashley Madison website.
Josh Duggar paid for subscriptions on the Ashley Madison website. [Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images]
“Carrie, have you heard that duet Blake did with Ashley Madison?” questioned Brad.

“No, no, that was Ashley Monroe,” responded Carrie.

“Have I been going to the wrong site?” asked Brad. “We don’t have to be lonely at… And your sister, tooooo. Your cheating side will tell on you… Josh Duggar.”

Amy’s husband was delighted, as he shared on social media.

“@bradpaisley you are the man!!! #bestthingever #cmt #cmtawards.”

Josh and Anna have four children, and the Duggar’s oldest son described himself as “the biggest hypocrite ever” in his most recent confession. This is Josh’s second treatment center visit.

In contrast to the CMA’s focus on Josh’s cheating, Law & Order: SVU decided to bash the Duggars with an episode called “Patrimonial Burden,” reported E! News.

The Duggar family got bashed on "Law And Order."
The Duggar family got bashed on “Law And Order.” (Image via Duggar Family/Facebook)

The plot features a squeaky clean reality TV clan, just like the 19 Kids And Counting clan prior to the revelations about Josh. Named the Baker family, they’re concerned because the daughter, who is only 13, is pregnant. And the question of who’s the daddy looms big.

“He wouldn’t hurt me. He loves me,” claimed Lane.

First, the teenager claimed it was a cameraman on the family’s TV show, but then it turned out he had undergone a vasectomy.

“Look at what happened with the Duggars…” mused Rollins.

After several plot twists, Ryan Devlin’s character got implicated in a double whammy of impregnating both the 13-year-old and older daughter. Although many viewers may have hoped that it would be the wicked son, a la Josh Duggar, the Law & Order writers apparently felt that was too easy.

But what the episode of Law & Order offered, in addition to plot twists, was a look at what it’s like to be a young girl in a family like the Duggars, pointed out the Daily Beast.

Are Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar hiding more dark secrets yet to be revealed?
Are Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar hiding more dark secrets yet to be revealed? (Image via Duggar Family/Facebook)

There’s a purity ball, for example, in which the 13-year-old girl, Lane Baker, promises daddy Frank Baker and God to stay pure until she’s married.

“I make this solemn vow to you and my Creator to keep my thoughts virtuous, and to abstain from all sexual activity, until the day you give me to my husband,” promises the teenager.

Then, as Lane and daddy dance, she suddenly collapses and is rushed to a hospital. That’s where the news breaks that somehow, despite that vow, she’s got a blossoming baby bump that’s three months along.

But the matriarch and patriarch of the reality TV family don’t want any law enforcement officials to talk to their daughter, insisting that they are terrific parents.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar responded to the news that Josh had molested some of their daughters and a baby sitter by scolding him, sending him to a Christian facility that reportedly included labor, and then finally having a meeting with a family friend, who was an Arkansas State trooper. That official also scolded Josh, but subsequently ended up with a prison sentence of more than 50 years for child porn.

The Law & Order episode offered many parallels, including the highly religious patriarch and the oldest son. And when the family tries to hide their dark secrets, Rollins makes the point for anyone that doesn’t get the comparison.

“Look at what happened to the Duggars. Word gets out that one of those virgin Baker daughters is knocked up? There goes the TV show, the book deal, the multimillion-dollar chastity empire.”

As the Inquisitr reported, that’s precisely the situation faced by the Duggars as they fret over their net worth following the cancellation of 19 Kids And Counting and subsequent drop in opportunities for book deals and speaking engagements.

Can they recover the squeaky clean image they once had as they prepare for the specials that TLC will air featuring Jessa Duggar Seewald and Jill Duggar Dillard? What do you think? Post your comments on the Duggars below.

[Image via Duggar Family / Facebook]

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