Chris Christie Video: Drug Addiction Story Goes Viral, Liberals Praise GOP Presidential Hopeful

A Chris Christie video about a close friend who tragically passed away from drug addiction is going viral, and even the opposition, who has been relentless in criticizing the New Jersey governor, has praised the GOP presidential hopeful’s touching words that affect millions of families.

This GOP presidential campaign has been mostly ruled by what poll leader Donald Trump says, which has instantly become the narrative for the rest of the candidates. However, on Wednesday, the Chris Christie video changed all that, and now everyone, including left-leaning MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, is praising the governor’s moving speech, where he talked in detail about his college friend’s addiction to painkillers, which ultimately cost him his life.

A story that can happen to anyone, Chris Christie explained how the best looking, most successful college friend of his study group, who became a friend for life, died after he began taking painkillers for a back injury. The governor’s emotional plea to treat drug addiction as what it is, an epidemic that happens not only in run-down neighborhoods but also in upscale neighborhoods to successful people, has clearly touched a nerve with the public.

Chris Christie’s video on drug addiction, which has been viewed more than five million times on Facebook and has been broadcast in all major news programs on cable networks, is part of the Huffington Post series ’16 and President.

The heartwarming moment came during a campaign stop at a Shooters Tavern in New Hampshire, where Governor Christie shared the very personal and troubling story while talking about why the U.S. needs to change the way in which it deals with drug addiction. The eloquent GOP candidate has garnered support not only from his own quarters but from many well-known liberals. Not a small feat.

The vocal, left-leaning MSNBC host of The Rachel Maddow Show, Rachel Maddow, had words of praise for the eloquent speech, according to the Daily Caller, joining an increasing group of unlikely supporters of the Chris Christie video.

“You can tell, this is sort of the least partisan thing imaginable, and whether you like Chris Christie as a candidate or not — whether you like him as a politician or not — his kind of skill at communicating the way you saw him communicating on an issue like this, that’s why he still seems like he could be a contender, despite all the numbers and everything on paper say otherwise…

“I think that just as a political observer, this is pretty compelling… Everyone’s looking for the Jeb Bush comeback in the presidential race, the Jeb Bush turnaround. If that discussion by Chris Christie on the subject of addiction moved people in general as much as it has already moved millions of people to watch that and share that online… If that has as much salience in the polity as it’s had online, then it may not be the Jeb Bush comeback we should be watching for. It may be the Chris Christie.”

In the latest polls, Chris Christie is not one of the GOP candidates in the lead, but this speech may have changed that in a very dramatic way, even after a New York Times editorial asked him to “go home,” the Inquisitr reported. Prescription drug addiction is a very real issue that affects families from all walks of life and political views.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, years of research show that addiction to any drug (legal or illegal) is a treatable brain disease that can be successfully handled. Treatment must take into account the type of drug and the needs of the person.

“Successful treatment may need to incorporate several components, including detoxification, counseling, and sometimes the use of addiction medications. Multiple courses of treatment may be needed for the patient to make a full recovery.”

Watch the Chris Christie video about drug addiction in the U.S. and tell us what you think about it?

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