Kanye West: L.A. Residence Robbed (Breaking)

Kanye West, who is currently on tour in the UK, awoke to news Wednesday morning that his residence in Los Angeles was broken into and that some of his possessions are missing. In short: yup, it appears as though the hip-hop star has been robbed.

A friend of Kanye’s was reportedly house-sitting for the rapper while he is away on tour. That friend called the LAPD this morning to report a break-in. As this story is currently breaking, we don’t really know what was stolen from Kanye’s house, but early reports from the scene indicate that there is a trail of Kanye’s goodies leading out the door. Apparently, the sloppy and hurried thieves dropped several items on their way out the door.

Being that Kanye is currently touring alongside Jay-Z in Birmingham, UK, he was not present nor injured in the incident. Details are scarce, the burglars on are the run, and the LAPD is investigating.

Jay-Z and Kanye West on tour

Kanye West holds a total of 18 Grammy Awards for his hip-hop albums. Last year’s collaboration with Jay-Z saw the release of Watch the Throne. West is currently dating celebrity divorcee Kim Kardashian.

More details as the story unfolds.