Mysterious White ‘Chemtrail Web’ Fibers Falling From Sky In Texas And Arizona Spark HAARP Weather Manipulation Conspiracy Theories [Video]

Worried residents of Texas and Arizona are seeking answers after mysterious white fibers were seen falling from the sky late in October. The sightings, which come after similar sightings late last year, have sparked fears of HAARP weather or climate manipulation experiments.

Videos and photographs of the white substance have emerged online. The images show white web-like fibers falling from the sky. Online conspiracy theorists have raised fears by declaring the substance to be “chemtrail webs,” produced as part of secret weather manipulation experiments by the government.

For instance, YouTube conspiracy theorist HAARP Report claims, in a video uploaded on November 1, 2015, that the fibers are “chemtrail webs,” and that they are the “undesired end product” of heavy chemtrail spraying from military aircraft.

“My trees are covered with webs again… I think the spiders eat the chem-webs, thinking it is spider silk protein (which they can recycle), but instead it is an inorganic, metallic, poison, which causes them to die quickly.”

Reports of mysterious white fibers falling from the sky first emerged online in November, 2014, when two women in Prescott, Arizona, Marie Snow and her friend, Cori Gunnels, reported that they saw 50 to 60-foot-long white fibers falling from the sky mid-afternoon on November 5, 2014, after three military aircraft flew overhead.

The sight of mysterious white fibers falling from the sky soon after military planes flew overhead struck the women as sinister. So they invited their local news station, KPHO (CBS 5), to investigate after collecting samples, taking care not to touch the material with their bare hands.

Marie told KPHO, “The fibers were so long. They looked like 50- to 60-foot-long solid raindrops. It’s thicker than a spider web. It’s very strong, but I wouldn’t touch it with my bare hands. I’m frightened. I want it to be tested by a lab.”

The news station sent a reporter to investigate. The reporter collected samples and sent them to the Forensic Science Lab at Grand Canyon University where they were tested and identified as “biodegradable gauze” from “nearby cattle farms” made up of “a mixture of wheat, gluten, flour and bacitracin (antibiotic).”

According to Melissa Beddow, director at the lab, “With the bandage on an animal like that, it would be best designed if the animal could consume it and it wouldn’t hurt the animal in any way.”

But Marie could not believe that there were enough bandaged cows in Prescott to explain the large quantity of the white material they saw falling from the sky. She disputed the lab result, saying that the fibers that KPHO took to the lab for analysis were not the same as the fibers she saw falling from the aircraft.

“I believe they collected what looked to them to be the same fibers, but in all actuality, may have been a gauze bandage,” she said. “There were cows down the street from where the interview was shot. I am not making excuses for anyone. I am simply telling the truth.”

“Cori and I had our own two samples collected mid-air and from fences. We had these fibers tested and they were extremely high in three heavy metals. No matter what you call it, it fell from the direction of a military aircraft and on our heads… we inhaled this fiber… it tested high for heavy metals.”

Mysterious White Fiber Fall From The Sky In Arizona
Mysterious White ‘Chemtrail Web’ Falls From The Sky (Image via HAARP Report/YouTube)

She berated skeptics, saying, “Are you going to just laugh it off and let your children play in this stuff? It is occurring all over the globe… and what if geoengineering/chemtrails are in fact much more than a ‘conspiracy theory’… why risk your lives and the lives of those around you.”

Determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, Marie contacted the conspiracy theory blog Intellihub News, and she was advised to send other samples to a testing facility in Redding, California.

Analysis results obtained from the lab, according to Intellihub, showed that the samples contained “aluminum, barium, and strontium,” three substances which Intellihub declared are known by “dedicated researchers” to be found in “chemtrails, [geoengineering] and terraforming operations.”

'Chemtrail Web' Fall From The Sky
Mysterious White Fibers Fall From The Sky (Image via HAARP Report/YouTube)

According to Susan Duclos, writing on the doomsday conspiracy theory blog All News Pipeline, the heavy metals cause “physical flu-like symptoms… mental degenerative conditions as well as behavioral changes.”

She added, “Another concerning aspect of these reports is the timing of them in conjunction with the recent MSM headline news about military scientists spraying spider webs with Ebola and the Plague.”

Intellihub News announced to its alarmed readers in a December blog post that Marie and her friend had “caught” military aircraft, including a C-130 cargo plane, flying at an altitude of 5,000-8,000 ft, dropping “chemtrail” fibers over the “populace.” The blog accused the “mainstream media” of colluding with government to cover-up “bio-warfare and geoengineering testing” against Americans.

The analysis results allegedly obtained in December, 2014, intensified fears among locals that they were being used as guinea pigs for weather manipulation and climate change experiments. The fears have resurfaced after fresh reports of white fibers falling from the sky last month.

As part of efforts to calm mounting fears, some experts came forward, saying that the fibers were webs used by migrating spiders to catch the wind.

KSBY reported on October 4, 2015, that local zoologists and entomologists said the webs were produced by migrating spiders. Dennis Sheridan –- and entomologist — told KSBY that baby spiders produce silk they use to make parachutes for migration. The silk parachutes drop from the sky when the spiders reach their destination and abandon the web.

David Jackson, a zoologist, said spiders migrate seasonally and that people do not have to be afraid of the “fibers” because they are harmless to humans.

But conspiracy theorists have dismissed the spider web theory, wondering why spiders suddenly decided to begin migrating in this fashion only in the last few years.

Many residents of the area claim that have never seen spider webs floating down from the sky before.

“I have never seen a spider web float straight down from the sky. The same night they were floating they were chemtrailing hard…”

Although the most widely accepted theory in conspiracy theory circles is that the fibers are “chemtrail webs,” some conspiracy theorists have suggested they could be linked to alien UFOs.

Some UFOlogists claim that fibers, called “alien angel hair,” have been linked to UFO sightings and are believed to be byproducts of advanced alien UFO propulsion systems technology.

According to the paranormal and conspiracy theory website Mysterious Universe, “alien angel hair” linked with a UFO sighting was reported in Portugal in 2014, shortly before the sighting of alleged “chemtrail webs” in Prescott, Arizona.

But other conspiracy theorists point out that no UFOs were sighted in Prescott, only military planes.

[Image via HAARP Report / YouTube]

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