Kate Chastain’s ‘Real Housewives’ Taglines For ‘Below Deck’ Co-Stars Pokes Fun At Raquel ‘Rocky’ Dakota, Ben Robinson, And Eddie Lucas

In honor of the appearance of Cynthia Bailey and Claudia Jordan from The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Tuesday night’s episode of Below Deck, Kate Chastain gave herself and her co-stars Real Housewives-style taglines. Not surprisingly, given Kate’s humor and tell it like it is attitude, some of the taglines she made up poked fun at her co-stars’ misdeeds this past season.

As the latest episode aired, Kate tweeted her taglines. On Wednesday, she provided a recap of her taglines. One tweet contained the taglines for herself, Amy Johnson, Raquel “Rocky” Dakota, Connie Arias, and Eddie Lucas.

Another tweet contained the taglines for Leon Walker, Ben Robinson, Emile Kotze, Don Abenante, Captain Lee Rosbach, and Dane the deckhand.

Kate’s tagline of Rocky poked fun of her sometimes erratic and outrageous behavior, which has often perplexed her co-stars and no doubt many viewers.

“I was a champion diver in school so I’m always looking for reasons to go off the deep end.”

Indeed, on last week’s episode, Rocky, infuriated that chef Leon was fired after Captain Lee found him at fault for a galley fire, all of a sudden stripped off her clothes and mic and dived off the ship, leaving the crew shorthanded. Before Rocky took the plunge, she told Eddie and Amy that she doesn’t have any respect for her chief stewardess, Kate, and now she doesn’t have respect for her captain. She questioned whether she could continue on with her job since she has no respect for either and added that Kate should’ve been fired for the fire. She declared that she’s done, stripped down to her underwear, in the process exposing part of her butt, and dived into the water.

An unaired clip shows Eddie and Amy trying to reason with Rocky after her dive. Rocky reiterated her belief that Leon was not at fault and accused Eddie and Amy of being on Kate’s side. When Eddie and Amy said that Kate is good at her job, Rocky said that she wants to puke upon hearing Kate’s name, since she’s “pure evil.”

Speaking of Leon Walker, Raquel “Rocky” Dakota is still on his side. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Rocky recently tweeted that she’s happy to call Leon her friend.

Kate Chastain’s tagline for Leon, who battled with her during his time on the yacht, made fun of his love for beef cheeks.

“Tonight I’m serving Beef Cheeks.”

Rocky’s name comes up in another cast member’s tagline. Kate’s tagline for Eddie Lucas pokes fun at him for hooking up with Rocky.

“Working on the water can get hard at times, so when my vessel gets Rocky, any port in a storm will do.”

On Tuesday night’s episode, Eddie made a tearful phone call to his girlfriend Amy back home. Did he confess to her what he did with Rocky? It’s not clear since much of the conversation was edited out. Eddie later said in an interview that he made “a huge mistake,” but the one mistake doesn’t define who he is. He said that he loves his girlfriend and won’t give up on the relationship.

Kate even made fun of returning cast member chef Ben Robinson. Kate called Ben out for stirring the pot.

“A flash in the pan isn’t my style, I prefer to stir the pot.”

On Tuesday’s episode, Ben Robinson said that he felt bad for Leon. In a tweet, Kate, who has a sexual history with Ben, called Ben’s support for Leon”b******t.” In his latest BravoTV blog, Ben hinted that he and Kate’s frequent butting of heads is due to some sexual tension.

“Actually, the chief stew and chef will always butt heads, no matter what past circumstances there have been. Kate has the trickiest job in dealing with crew, and I have the biggest work load. It makes for a stressful environment, not to be confused with sexual tension…”

So what tagline did Kate Chastain give herself? Her tagline for herself remains the same one she said when she appeared on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live with fellow Below Deck cast member Amy Johnson in September. Kate’s tagline compliments herself on her work ethic.

“I may have a ‘B**chy Resting Face’, but that’s the only part of me that’s ever resting.”

[Image via BravoTV on Twitter]