SoundCloud Launches Pulse Android App For Creators

Creators using SoundCloud to share their music can now do so in a whole new way: by using the SoundCloud Pulse app for Android Devices. SoundCloud’s website lets users upload everything from original songs they’ve sung to remixes of songs already in existence. SoundCloud also serves as a platform for independent artists to get discovered through a social-media-esque interface where their songs can be “liked” and shared easily.

There is already a SoundCloud app for both iOS and Android devices, but the new Pulse app will differ from the original in several important ways. As PC Mag discovered, the Pulse app will allow content creators to see up-to-date stats about their SoundCloud tracks and respond to comments on mobile devices. Currently, SoundCloud’s listeners can comment on tracks uploaded by creators, but there is not yet a way for creators to respond. Among other things, SoundCloud’s Pulse app will change that. As an added neat feature, SoundCloud also puts the comments users leave along the wavelengths of the audio, creating a timeline of who said what when.

The new SoundCloud Pulse app may be styled after Apple Music Connect, a new social media service that ties into Apple Music and lets users speak to artists directly. The benefit of the latter service (and possibly one day SoundCloud’s brainchild Pulse) is that artists can share work such as unfinished songs or in-progress lyrics directly to fans and get feedback before their work is ever released to the world. SoundCloud is reported to be working on more features for the Pulse app, including an upcoming version for iOS. The features SoundCloud Pulse implements in the future will at least in part be directed by feedback from SoundCloud users.

Independent Artist Tarra Layne's cover of the Patsy Cline song "Crazy" on SoundCloud's website. [Image Via]

After rumors earlier this year that SoundCloud might make users pay to stream music, it’s safe to say that SoundCloud is not turning into the music streaming monopoly we feared it might become. Rather, it’s become synonymous with a safe haven for free and unbridled artistic expression (and not just “free” in the sense of being unrestricted). After all, the site was built to aid budding independent artists, so really it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

The SoundCloud Pulse app can be thought of as a sort of simplified SoundCloud, where all the controls are at a user’s fingertips. The interface’s tabs can be swiped between to easily control what types of information are being displayed, making the app a dream come true for anyone who wants to measure the reach their songs have. Have you tried the Pulse app out yet? If so, let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below, or if not, let us know why you’re hesitant to make the switch from SoundCloud.

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