What Tom Cruise & Scientology Didn’t Tell Katie Holmes

The web of odd behavior is being unveiled on Tom Cruise and the length Scientology will go to in order to please him, It seems he complained to the powers that be in the Church of Scientology that he couldn’t get a date or especially a wife. Leah Remini’s book unveiled much of this problem, but it’s likely bigger than most people think. It is alleged that Scientology is a cult, and Tom Cruise is calling the shots.

According to the Inquisitr, one of the thoughts shared by Leah Remini was that Tom Cruise was unstable. From jumping on the couch to playing hide and seek in his mansion, she thought he was coming unhinged. She believes that power he wields in the church is unnatural, and that any complaints or criticism about him went punished, but Remini says that everyone else was encouraged to report on anyone else, but not Cruise. The rules didn’t apply to him.

Vanity Fair published a scandalous expose of all of the things that Katie Holmes didn’t know when she got into a relationship or perhaps a business agreement with Tom Cruise, and by proxy, Scientology. Holmes did not know that Scientology leader David Miscavige was a key part of the break up of Cruise’s first two marriages, and eventually, a big part of Holmes’ divorce. Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman had enough of this “Napoleonic” leader making dictates in their lives, and finally, so did Holmes.

“I participated in the Mimi divorce and in the Nic divorce. Both women got cold on Miscavige. He was integral to the breakup of the marriages.” Of Miscavige, Rathbun tells me, “I felt I used every tool I knew in the Scientology tool book to overcome Cruise’s weaknesses, and I saw Miscavige use those frailties and weaknesses in order to manipulate.”

There was a full pageant of women that came before Holmes that were auditioned. If the woman said or did anything questionable, it was reported to Tommy Davis, actress Anne Archer’s son who was Cruise’s Scientology handler, and rumored to be the sperm donor father of Suri Cruise, but that is another story.

If Cruise found fault with anything she said or did, according to the knowledgeable source, he immediately reported it to Tommy Davis or a member of the staff, and she would then be audited about it. This process started with the first words she ever spoke to him, “Very well done,” about his receiving Scientology’s Freedom Medal of Valor. Evidently that was not sufficiently doting; according to the source, her “Very well done” implied that Cruise was her junior. She spent two to three hours of her day, every day, purging herself of “negative thoughts about Tom.”

When a woman didn’t cut it, she and Cruise never broke up. Like on a bizarre reality show, she was just essentially told by a handler that she had been voted off the island. Each time, before the voting off part, Cruise would say he had never felt this way about that particular one, most of which were under 25.

Us Magazine says that one woman got a particularly raw deal from the process. Nazanin Boniadi was already a Scientologist, and after she was dumped by Cruise’s handlers, she was sentenced to months of menial labor for disappointing Cruise if she wanted to remain in Scientology.

“Then in late 2004, she disappeared,” the sitcom star wrote. “I wondered if Naz had gone back to her ‘real life.’ Years later, I found out what had happened to Naz during this time. She underwent a confidential mission for the church where she thought she was being prepared for a special humanitarian project, but ended up with the role of Tom’s girlfriend.”

Boniadi was shown her then boyfriend’s auditing in order to get her to dump him “for Scientology” in order to try out for a special Scientology project. She was give helpful hints on how to please Cruise.

“Why don’t you be more aggressive with Tom and just put your hands down his pants when you see him?”

It just got creepier from there.

Do you think Scientology is a cult, and that Tom Cruise is the leader?

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]