Marco Rubio Passes Jeb Bush In Polls, While Donald Trump Prepares For ‘Saturday Night Live’ [Photos, Videos]

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Marco Rubio has surged in polls, surpassing Jeb Bush, while Donald Trump prepares to host Saturday Night Live. The race for the presidential nomination continues to heat up, and of all the candidates, the latest Quinnipiac Poll shows that Marco Rubio has surged ahead, leaving Jeb Bush behind, and an NBC/WSJ poll shows Ben Carson leading over Donald Trump.

The new highs for Rubio came after the last GOP debate, and according to the NBC/WSJ poll with Ben Carson in the lead, Donald Trump in second, and Marco Rubio in third, the race is certainly changing shape. The news that Donald Trump has fallen to second didn’t sit well with the former Celebrity Apprentice host. Trump proceeded to blast his fellow running mates and even put up a picture of Jeb Bush with a Nazi swastika on Twitter before taking it down.

As Marco Rubio surges ahead, there’s even more troubling news for Donald Trump. According to the Quinnipiac Poll, Ben Carson would beat Hillary Clinton 50-40 were the election to be held today. What does this mean for Donald Trump and the GOP nomination? Of course, the GOP will go with the candidate they believe will actually beat Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. Donald Trump was busy pushing his book while on the campaign trail but didn’t waste any time throwing jabs at Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and Ben Carson. The following quotes are from Donald Trump on the campaign trail, November 3, 2015.

“Not much different and you look at Marco Rubio very, very weak on illegal immigration. You look at Ben, he is very weak on immigration and he wants to get rid of Medicare. I mean, Ben wants to get rid of Medicare. You can’t get rid of Medicare be a horrible thing to get rid of — it actually works. You get rid of the fraud, waste and abuse, it works. So, when a man is weak on immigration and wants to get rid of Medicare, I don’t know how he stays there.”

Referring to Marco Rubio, Donald Trump continued the jabs.

“Marco Rubio’s personal finances are discredited. Oh no, his personal — all you have to do is look at his credit card. I mean, he is a disaster with his credit cards.”

Donald Trump isn’t the only one attacking Marco Rubio. Now that he is climbing in the polls, Jeb Bush is getting his fair share of attacks in. CNN’s Jamie Gangel spoke to Jeb Bush and specifically asked him for his views about his former protégée. Bush wasted no time attacking Senator Rubio for missing votes while out on the campaign trail.

“People that are serving need to show up and work. Period. Over and out,” Bush told Gangel. “I just think people need to show up and work. That’s what I did.”

Bush continued with his attack against Rubio while clarifying that he wasn’t attacking him.

“I’m not attacking to say someone should show up to work,” he said. “Do you get paid when you don’t show up? I mean, come on. Does anybody in this room get paid when they decide I’m going to go do something else?”

While Marco Rubio’s numbers in the Quinnipiac Poll are impressive, he gains an even greater lead in the Viewpoint Florida poll, where he comes in second, trailing Donald Trump.

While Donald Trump isn’t slowing down with his attacks, he did take it up a notch when he tweeted then deleted the Nazi swastika image next to Jeb Bush.

To say that Donald Trump is controversial may be the greatest understatement of the election season. While he is slated to host Saturday Night Live on November 7, that too isn’t without controversy. Several online petitions have been amassing signitures, asking NBC to forego Donald Trump.

As attacks continue to mount against Marco Rubio, the Washington Post reported that Rubio blames political gridlock for his spotty voting record. Marco Rubio also pointed out that when Sen. John McCain made his presidential run, he too missed Senate votes.

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