Ben Seewald Makes Birthday Video For Jessa, Says He Is ‘So Glad’ He Married ‘Best Mom Ever’ [Video]

Ben Seewald shared a special video in celebration of his wife Jessa’s birthday. Ben noted that he is “so glad” he married the Duggar daughter and says she will be the “best mom ever.” The Seewalds are expecting their first child together “any day” now, as Jessa’s due date was three days ago. Meanwhile, the Duggar family shared a special message about Jessa on their official Facebook page.

Ben shared his video to the Duggar Family YouTube channel and speaks quietly as he opens with “happy birthday sweetheart.”

He touches on all of the things happening in their lives as he says, “[W]e celebrated our anniversary the other day and now it’s your birthday.”

He says that baby Seewald should be here “any day” as Jessa’s due date was on November 1, 2015, three days ago.

The video is very short at just 29 seconds, and Jessa is nowhere to be seen. Though the video didn’t last long, it appears that the new baby may already be keeping the pair up at night, as Ben appeared tired and quieter than normal. Despite his slightly strange demeanor, he does claim that baby Seewald has not been born yet since he describes the birth in future tense. However, with Jessa going past her due date in the pregnancy, she is likely exhausted and ready for the baby to be born.

Jessa has shared numerous photos to her Instagram account indicating in the captions that she is attempting to jump start her labor by trying numerous natural induction techniques. Sadly for the waiting mother, none of them seem to be working. Jessa notes that she ate an entire raw pineapple in a bid to start labor to no avail. She has also been spotted chowing down on spicy food, another item that allegedly can help spearhead labor in late pregnancy.

Jessa Duggar Tries To Induce Labor

“Happy Birthday, Jess! Oh, the memories we’ve shared throughout the years… you have always been there to inspire, encourage, and point me back to Jesus! Lots of love, Jinger”

Jessa Seewald

It would not be unlikely for Jessa Seewald to have her own birth special at a later date in the same fashion as her sister Jill Dillard. Jessa, like Jill, plans to have a home birth but says she has a “plan B” in place should something go wrong.

What do you think of Ben’s birthday message to Jessa Duggar Seewald?

[Image via YouTube/Duggar Family]