Happy Birthday To Jessa Seewald! Will She Celebrate By Delivering Her First Baby, Or Has She Already Given Birth?

Jessa Seewald has just turned 23 on November 4 and has every reason to celebrate her special day. She has just celebrated her one-year anniversary with husband Ben Seewald, she has a new reality show airing next month, and she is due to give birth to her first child any day now. In fact, she could very well be sharing her birthday with this new baby.

Jessa’s last update was the day before her birthday, and she was still very pregnant. Just as she has always done, she updated her progress with some kind of photo. This time, she posted one of her with a couple of her friends standing in a restaurant called Tacos 4 Life. The expectant mom wrote that she was 40 weeks and two days pregnant. She is with Duggar family friend Sierra, who has been seen on many episodes of 19 Kids and Counting. She loves to plan Duggar parties and weddings. Sierra is also very pregnant as well.

It seems that Jessa Seewald loves tacos from that particular restaurant. As in previous tweets from the reality star, Tacos 4 Life donates one meal to a child for every one that is purchased. That sounds like a good deal, and according to Jessa, they are quite yummy.

It could be that the spicy Mexican food that she had the day before could have resulted in her baby’s arrival on her birthday. She has been trying different techniques now to get baby Seewald to enter the world, but nothing has worked so far. At least nothing has yet to be announced in the last 12 hours. Of course, she could have a long labor like sister Jill Dillard, but hopefully hers will not result in a hospital visit after many hours of hard labor.

Even though Jill Dillard is not around to help deliver her sister’s first baby, Jessa is still planning on having a home birth if at all possible, according to the Duggar Family Blog. If any complications arise, the midwife is trained to make sure that the mother gets the proper medical treatment that is best for her and the baby. There are many women who choose to deliver at home with a midwife on hand. The Duggar women always seem to go this route with their babies.

Jessa and Ben await their firstborn. (photo by Jessa Seewald Twitter)
Jessa and Ben await their firstborn. [Photo by Jessa Seewald Twitter]

Anna Duggar has had all four of her children at home. Her latest baby, Meredith Grace, who is now almost 4-months-old, was delivered at home as well. Of course, Anna’s life was turned upside down after her daughter’s birth, when husband Josh Duggar was discovered to be cheating on her. He has since entered into rehab for his sexual issues. Anna is now trying to raise her four children on her own until she decides what the future holds for her and her family.

Jessa Seewald has posted quite a few photos of baby Meredith in addition to her own pregnancy updates. The whole Duggar clan seems to be enjoying their time with the little adorable girl while waiting for Jessa to have her baby.

As Duggar fans wait for news on the upcoming birth of baby Seewald, birthday wishes are starting to come in for Jessa. Her sister Jinger had this to share with her.

“Happy Birthday, Jess! Oh, the memories we’ve shared throughout the years…you have always been there to inspire, encourage, and point me back to Jesus! Lots of love, Jinger.”

Jinger wishes Jessa Seewald a happy birthday. (Photo by Duggar Facebook)
Jinger wishes Jessa Seewald a happy birthday. [Image via Duggar Facebook]

There will be more pouring in from her family, as well as from fans. She could very well get a wonderful birthday gift in the form of a baby girl or boy to hold in her arms.

Do you think Jessa Seewald will share a birthday with her firstborn?

[Photo by Jessa Seewald Twitter]