Robert Herjavec Romance Heating Up: Could A Proposal Be On The Way?

Robert Herjavec may be an investor with an interest in new businesses on Shark Tank, but he is also very interested in growing a brand new relationship with Kym Johnson. The two have been dating seven months, as they met on the spring season of Dancing With The Stars. The two were partnered up, but Robert got more than he bargained for. He got dance lessons and a happy heart, as he fell completely for Kym.

Even though Robert Herjavec and Johnson kept their romance silent after wrapping up Dancing With The Stars, it was clear that a romance was brewing. The two went to Australia together, and Kym ended whatever relationship she had going on at the time. So, how are things going almost seven months later?

According to a new People report, Robert Herjavec‘s romance with Kym Johnson could be heating up. Apparently, the two are traveling together and supporting one another’s business ventures. The two continues to support one another, and things are now going “really really good,” according to Kym.

“He’s very sweet. I’m really happy,” Johnson recently told People, adding, “Robert just has so much passion about everything he does which is just so great to be a around. He’s just very positive. I think that’s why he’s so successful in everything he does. When he does something, he commits to it totally. He did that with Dancing. He’s not afraid to go there and look silly if he has to!”

Of course, Robert Herjavec continues to run his internet security business, and Kym is working on a brand new workout routine. She is putting her dancing skills to work in a new fitness DVD and a new fitness book. She has been promoting the upcoming releases of her fitness DVD, 5678 Fitness, and book, The 5678 Diet.

“Not everyone can do six hours of dancing a day,” Johnson reveals, adding, “But I take the dances we do on Dancing with the Stars and make them a workout. You’re having fun. You don’t actually realize you’re working out and that’s the key to it. You don’t need to be a dancer to do [the workouts]. We start off with the basic salsa and the cha-cha. It’s an easy introduction and then it builds. Plus with the DVD, you can do it at your own pace.”

And it sounds like Herjavec loves the idea of Kym doing her own fitness video. Of course, he often invests in profitable business ventures, and he could have given Johnson a boost to get her business up and running. It sounds like they are focusing on their relationship and their business ventures these days.

For a brief moment, there were rumors that Robert Herjavec and Kym would elope and get married in Las Vegas. However, that would be impossible, as Robert is still legally married to his estranged wife. He is still working on settling his assets and figuring out how much his estranged wife, Diane Plese, would be getting in the divorce. Robert’s net worth is estimated at $200 million, and one can imagine she wants some of that money, as he made a majority of the money during their marriage. So, a proposal may be on the way, but it wouldn’t be happening until Robert is legally divorced.

But Kym and Herjavec may not be thinking about the divorce. Instead, they are happy and enjoying the smaller moments in life. According to Hollywood Take, Robert’s favorite date night is “definitely Kym cooking at home,” with Kym adding that they also eat out a lot and that they like to “hang out on the couch and watch a movie.”

What do you think of Robert Herjavec’s relationship with Kym?

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