HPV Vaccine Lawsuit Filed By Mother Who Says The Cervical Cancer Caused Permanent Disability

An HPV vaccine lawsuit was filed earlier this week by a mother claiming the preventative medicine caused her daughter to become disabled. The Irish woman, Fiona Kirby, filed the lawsuit in a court in Ireland in an attempt to have the Gardasil HPV virus vaccine banned in the country.

The HPV vaccine has only been offered to young women in Ireland for the past five years. Fiona Kirby maintains that her 11-year-old daughter suffered from severe side effected from the human papillomavirus vaccine. The young girl reportedly developed severe nausea, which led to muscle wasting. She also contracted pneumonia, Business Insider reports.

Kirby is a member of REGRET – Reaction and Effects of Gardasil Resulting in Extreme Trauma. The organization is a support group for parents who feel that their teenage daughters became sick as a result of the HPV vaccine, the Irish Times notes. The Irish mother, who is also a nurse, is opposed to the cervical cancer preventative vaccine from being used by schools in Ireland.

The HPV vaccine is currently being suggested to parents for use on their 11- to 16-year-old daughters by the World Health Organization. According to claims made by REGRET, approximately 100 girls have reportedly fallen ill after being injected with the vaccine.

In the HPV vaccine lawsuit, Fiona Kirby claimed that her then-11-year-old daughter began experiencing severe flu-like symptoms within 24 hours of being vaccinated in October 2011. The same symptoms allegedly reappeared after Kirby’s daughter received her second shot of the vaccine. The trained nurse opted not to allow her daughter to receive the third vaccination.

Court records filed in the case state that Fiona Kirby reported that her daughter became “extremely fatigued” and suffered severe nausea that ultimately led to weight loss and muscle wastage. The preteen girl also reportedly missed multiple days at school and was hospitalized with bilateral pneumonia in March 2012. Due to the illness, the Kirby girl was placed on a round of antibiotics for six weeks.

The lawsuit also revealed that the teenager is now disabled to the point where permanent care is required. Kirby also stated that the “horrendous adverse effects” her daughter suffered after being injected with the HPV vaccine were not an isolated case.

The mother also said many other girls in Ireland had experienced both similar and “continuous life-changing health problems.” All of the health issues the girls experienced allegedly occurred shortly after receiving the vaccine. Fiona Kirby was accompanied to a recent court hearing by many other women who are mothers and part of the REGRET group.

Below is an excerpt from the REGRET group’s website.

“Just as important to these parents is to raise awareness of the safety issues surrounding the HPV vaccine so that other parents can be in a position to make a truly informed decision on this issue. The group feels that the information provided by the HSE is incomplete and biased, downplaying the safety issues while exaggerating its effectiveness.”

A total of 30 Irish families shared their HPV side effects stories on the parent support group website. Most of the reports by the parents are extremely similar. Nearly all had happy and active daughters who were doing well in school and engaged in sports before getting the cervical cancer preventative vaccine. After getting the shots, the girls experienced lethargy, dizziness, headaches, depression, anxiety, and grumpiness, and they required repeated visits to the doctor or the hospital.

Justice Paul Gilligan adjourned the HPV vaccine lawsuit hearing for three weeks to allow HPRA to file an affidavit in response to the case.

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