‘RHOC’ Vicki Gunvalson Finally Admits Her Gut Says Brooks Does Not Have Cancer, Plus Briana Culberson Claims He Abused Her Mom

After a long struggle all season, Vicki Gunvalson has finally come to the realization that her former boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, is lying about having cancer. According to Radar Online, the Real Housewives of Orange County star admitted that she now doubts Ayers was ever diagnosed with cancer during the show’s most recent reunion episode.

“My gut says he does not have it,” Gunvalson told Andy Cohen during the special. “I don’t have any proof that he doesn’t have cancer and he won’t give me enough proof that he does have cancer, so that’s where I’m at.”

Gunvalson’s recent change of opinion comes after she was very steady in her support of Ayers throughout the entire season. Despite all of the allegations surrounding Ayers and his cancer, which mostly came her from the other Housewives on the show, Gunvalson remained adamant that he had cancer. Given her former stance on the matter, what led to Gunvalson changing her mind on the subject?

Apparently, Gunvalson started to doubt Ayers’ story after he refused to offer her any concrete evidence that he had been diagnosed with cancer.

“I have seen how he has acted these last two months,” she explained. “I would say probably three months ago I really questioned him and said to him, ‘This is not making sense. Why won’t you give me your reports?’ And he kept telling me, ‘You have no right to take those reports as you’re going to bring them to the women.'”

Briana Culberson has clashed with Brooks Ayers since her mother first started dating him. [Image via Bravo]

At the same time, Gunvalson also admitted that it was hard for her to change her mind, especially considering how much she loved Ayers.

“Nobody wants to feel duped or be taken advantage of. I am a smart woman,” she stated. “I fell in love hard and I did have red flags, but not to the point of, ‘Brooks are you really faking cancer?'”

Meanwhile, after Gunvalson finally switched sides, the reunion heated up even more as her fellow cast members began to question her relationship with Ayers. According to E! Online, several of the ladies asked her if she was afraid of Ayers, to which she offered a slight nod.

Gunvalson then revealed that Ayers was “more verbally abusive than physical,” while her daughter, Briana Culberson, shockingly stating that she saw Ayers physically abuse Gunvalson on multiple occasions.

To add even more to the already emotional episode, Tamra Judge revealed that Ayers had indeed lied in the past about his cancer. In fact, Judge stated that Vicki Gunvalson first decided to be with Ayers after he lied to her about having pancreatic cancer.

“My very first year on the show, Vicki and I, we clicked immediately,” Judge stated, relating a story about how Ayers told Gunvalson he had pancreatic cancer. “She was crying, all this stuff. It was Brooks. And he lied then.”

As many fans already know, Ayers never had pancreatic cancer. Instead, Gunvalson’s ex-boyfriend was suffering from pancreatitis.

Brooks Ayers has denied most of the allegations against him, and has yer to prove he has cancer. [Image via Bravo]

In an effort to apologize to her cast mates, Gunvalson went on to share a few words of regret over her actions during this season.

“I’m hurt that I hurt everybody else,” she said. “I want my girlfriends to respect me and love me. I lost that and I’m going to work hard on getting it back.”

For his part, Ayers is sticking with his story and continues to claim that he has cancer.

“I have been in treatment; by that I mean chemotherapy and holistic approaches for now going on 11 months,” Ayers told Cohen in his interview. “People can think what they want to. The truth is the truth.”

Tell us! Do you think that Brooks Ayers has cancer or has had it in the past? Do you think that he was abusive to Vicki Gunvalson? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Bravo]