Cat Chained To Tree In Forest Rescued And Recovering [Photos, Videos]

A cat found chained to a tree in a forest with a padlock around his neck is thriving, recovering and in the process of finding a good home. Animal rescue volunteer Janet Zimmerman was looking for a missing dog in a densely wooded forest, when she heard the distressed cries of a cat meowing for help. Moving towards the sound, she discovered an adult, black and white tomcat underneath an overgrowth area covered in leaves and branches. To her dismay, she saw a thick chain and padlock around the cat’s neck. Zimmerman spoke to ABC 13 about finding the cat chained to the tree and how she rescued the cat from the torturous restraint.

“I went to a hardware store, and we used bolt cutters to get it off. It was wrapped so tight around his neck it was hard to do.”

The cat was named Forest due to being abandoned, padlocked and chained to a tree in the Spring, Texas forest area.

After Zimmerman rescued the cat from being chained to the tree, Forest went to spend some time at the Champions Animal Hospital located in Spring, Texas. The cat was cleared for good health, and there seems to be no behavioral issues after the cat’s ordeal.

“He came up to me and rubbed against my leg. He’s so affectionate, such a great cat.”

Forest is now at the Copper’s Cat Commune, where his story has begun to go viral. Copper’s Cat Commune states they are a “private home providing lifetime care for “unadoptable cats.” Though Forest was chained to a tree, there seems to be little that is “unadoptable” about him. Since word of Forest’s experiences of being padlocked and chained to a tree has gone viral, numerous offers to adopt Forest have come through. Copper’s Cat Commune states they are vetting interested adoptees in hopes of finding Forest a good, forever home.

At this point, there is no information as to who chained the cat to the tree, or why they abandoned the cat in the forest to begin with. A suspect has not been named in the case and it is unclear whether an arrest will be made.

Those following Forest’s case on social media have stated they hope someone will turn in to authorities the person who chained the cat. At this point, that may be the only way for Forest to have justice.

Animal cruelty cases are on the rise and so too are punishments for those who choose to hurt, harm, and abandon cats. The Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) provides resources for those who wish to report animal cruelty and abuse online. Those interested in filing a report of animal abuse to the Houston SPCA may do so quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the Texas Humane Legislative Network provides an overview on current animal laws for the state of Texas.

Those who have any information regarding Forest’s case are encouraged to contact their local officials. They can file a report through the Houston SPCA, Houston CrimeStoppers or their local law enforcement agency. Forest has overcome a terrible ordeal, but all reports are that he is doing well, and being chained to the tree hasn’t had any obvious, negative consequences. Forest is doing well after being rescued and is thriving. He is currently awaiting a new home.

***After our segment on ABC 13 news here in Houston, we have received tons of calls about adopting this guy! I will be…

Posted by Copper’s Cat Commune on Monday, October 26, 2015

[Photo Credit Copper’s Cat Commune]