Josh Duggar Terrified That Anna Duggar Will Divorce Him: Jim Bob Bribes With House As Amy Duggar Shares Real Scoop

Josh Duggar remains in a Bible-based rehab facility, where he is being treated for sex addiction. The decision to enter treatment follows the revelations that Josh molested five underage girls (four of whom were his sisters), cheated on his wife, Anna Duggar, had paid for two accounts on the Ashley Madison site for marital affairs, slept with a porn star, and was addicted to pornography.

Throughout the increasing number of scandals centering around Josh, the Duggar family has suffered from the onslaught of negative publicity and cancellation of their lucrative reality TV show, 19 Kids And Counting. And increasingly, the question has swirled as to whether Anna will leave Duggar. Now, a concerned Jim Bob Duggar is trying to be proactive in blocking Anna from divorcing his son by bribing her with a new home, reported In Touch.

The Duggar patriarch Jim Bob bribes his son's wife with a new home.

“If Anna doesn’t accept the house and do what she can to save her marriage, things are going to get very uncomfortable,” said a source. “This is more than just about saving their marriage, in Jim Bob’s eyes, he’s fighting to save the entire family.”

The insider noted that Jim Bob will devise a different option if the house offer fails. The Duggar dad is concerned that having Anna dump Josh would be devastating not just for his son but for the entire 19 Kids clan.

Would the Duggar family suffer if Anna left Josh Duggar?

“Getting Anna back in line and on board is priority one right now,” added the source.

And the house that Jim Bob offered as a bribe was expensive for the area. It costs $345,000 for 3,800-square feet, a spacious home that the Duggar patriarch hoped would suffice to persuade Anna to stay with Josh, according to the Hollywood Gossip.

But an insider shared that Anna seeks true healing rather than financial offers.

“He is desperate to keep Josh and Anna’s marriage alive,” added the source. “He wants to see them back together, all happy and smiley. But it’s not going to be that easy, not if Anna can help it.”

Since the news broke that Josh had cheated on her and admitted his addiction to porn, Anna has become stronger and more self-assured, said the insider. Consequently, she refuses to act perky in order to satisfy Jim Bob and Michelle. And although Anna still is weighing her choices, whether to reconcile or leave Josh, she has not yet arrived at the decision to divorce Duggar, according to sources.

Josh Duggar is scared Anna will leave him.

As the Inquisitr reported, many have wondered precisely what Anna knew about Josh’s past before she married Duggar.

Two years before Josh proposed, Anna was aware that he had molested five underage girls. She said that she took his confession prior to their marriage as a positive sign, calling his molestation a “mistake” and noting that her parents also knew about Duggar.

“I was surprised at his openness and humility,” Anna said at the time. “For Josh, he wanted not just me but my parents to know who he really was – even very difficult past mistakes.”

Anna has become strong through the scandals caused by Josh Duggar.

Meanwhile, Duggar rebel cousin Amy King is offering her own take on Anna and the Duggar family in the wake of Josh’s scandals, reported Us Weekly.

The new wife of Dillon King warned Internet trolls to beware as she posted a picture of the two of them.

“Any negative comments will be deleted, just try me,” cautioned Amy.

She also praised Anna’s beauty and strength, calling her “strong” as well as supported by the love of the family. And while some reports had described Josh’s wife as stressed and under siege in her own parents’ home, Amy scoffed away those rumors by revealing the real scoop on Anna’s state of mind.

“I talk to her a lot. She’s doing good,” emphasized Amy. “She’s strong.”

As for Josh? Duggar is scared that Anna will leave, according to Hollywood Life.

Josh wants his parents to handle the task of getting his wife to stay with him, revealed a source.

“Josh is convinced that he is a changed man… He’s terrified of losing [Anna] and is hoping that his parents can convince her not to leave him,” added the insider.

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