Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Dropped From Canadian Convention

Things are not looking up for Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting right now. The Duggar Family Blog actually shared that the couple has been dropped from an event that they were planning to attend. First off, they shared that the Alberta Home Education Association was reconsidering that they had invited Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar to speak at the 2016 AHEA convention in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.


Now they are announcing that they have decided to drop Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar from the event. It was not the decision of the Duggars, but instead the convention made the choice that they didn’t want them to come anymore. They will not be there speaking at all now. The Alberta homeschoolers will have a session at their convention on preventing child abuse by Chris Butler of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, entitled “Protecting the Gift.” AHEA president Paul van den Bosch shared a statement about not having the Duggars come and below is a segment of the statement.

“Although early feedback from our members this summer was supportive of having the Duggars come here, recent feedback from our own members points out that their appearance here would not be in the best interests of home educators.

“Our members also pointed out that, as the Duggars would have been giving only two talks (of the more than 40 talks available), their presence would have been only a small part of the convention and that the [Duggars’] philosophy is not representative of AHEA as a whole.”

The blog went on to explain that the Duggars know that a lot of their Canadian fans were looking forward to them coming to the area. If the Duggars are coming to any events in this area, they will be sharing it with their fans. The Duggars could still end up in the area doing an event or speaking at something other than the conference that is not letting them come now. The Duggars have been speaking at other events since Josh’s scandal broke.

The Hollywood Reporter shared that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar had been booked for this event for 2 years. This all comes after the Josh Duggar scandal was revealed, and the Duggars lost their show on TLC. Josh admitted to molesting several girls years ago. After that, it was revealed that Josh Duggar had cheated on his wife, Anna, while she was pregnant. Since then, Josh went into rehab and is getting help for his addictions.


Even though 19 Kids and Counting was canceled, part of the Duggar family will be coming back to TLC later this year. In December, they will start airing a three-part special, all about Jessa Seewald and her sister, Jill Dillard. This will focus on Jill and Derick while they are working in the missionary field and raising their first son, Israel David Dillard. It will also be about Jessa and Ben Seewald’s pregnancy and the birth of their first child. Jessa was actually due two days ago, but if the baby was born, then they are doing a great job of keeping it a secret. Josh Duggar will not be on this special at all, but it is unknown what other family members will show up. It should be a great way for fans to catch up with the family and what they have been up to since the show was canceled.

Are you shocked to hear that Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have been pulled from this big event in Canada? Do you think that they made the right decision? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don’t miss the Duggar family when they return to TLC in December for their upcoming specials.

[Photo by FOX News Channel / Getty Images]