Comedy Central Attempts To Spin Trevor Noah’s Poor Ratings For ‘The Daily Show’

Statistics show that Trevor Noah’s ratings are very low, although it’s possibly too early to predict how he will do in the long run. As the Wrap notes, The Daily Show has been down 37 percent in total viewers since Noah took over. However, Comedy Central President Michele Ganeless tells the Wrap that she isn’t concerned.

“So far, so good, according to Comedy Central President Michele Ganeless. ‘I couldn’t be happier,’ she told TheWrap, adding that the new guy offers ‘a more global … millennial perspective.'”

Trevor Noah's show
‘The Daily Show’ has been experiencing a huge ratings decline since Trevor Noah took over. [Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images]

Ganeless adds that Jon Stewart agrees and that she is absolutely certain Comedy Central made the right choice. The commenters after the article are rather suspicious of the article and the spin it takes.

“Is someone at The Wrap romantically involved with someone at the Noah show? You’ve been serving as (unpaid?) cheerleaders since the moment it started, and this article reads like a Comedy Central press release,” says a commenter called “The Classic.”

“This article seems like a fairly obvious desperate effort to make lemonade out of lemons. If Comedy Central had been so eager to make a millenial shift, they wouldn’t have offered Jon Stewart the lucrative contract extension that he ultimately turned down,” says HalloweenBlogs.

However, at least one commenter offers a different perspective.

“I personally really like where the show is going. Trevor is hilarious, and in my opinion funnier than Jon. Jon probably had more to say about the news, but I’m sure Trevor will grow with time and get better at critically analyzing current events. I’m looking forward to the future,” says Casey.

Still, Twitter is filled with more negative comments about Noah than positive ones.

On Monday evening, Trevor Noah caused controversy when he joked about police being afraid of “The Ferguson Effect.” The Huffington Post quotes Noah’s skit.

“The police are unable to do their jobs because they’re afraid of being caught doing their jobs badly.”

Noah’s joke is in response to the theory that police aren’t doing their jobs because they are afraid they could be the next Darren Wilson and be judged no matter what the facts say. Trevor added that an American Psychological Association study released last month found that crime rates have actually decreased in the past two decades.

“But these are just facts. They don’t count,” Noah laughed.

At least Trevor can call this comedy skit his own — something that can’t be said about his joke in which he referred to himself as a “racism connoisseur,” which the Hollywood Reporter revealed was similar to a joke Dave Chapelle made in a January 1998 HBO special. This wouldn’t be the first time Noah was accused of ripping off jokes.

Noah still faces some backlash over past Twitter jokes he made in regards to Jews, fat people, and many others.

Many people have defended Trevor Noah over his Twitter jokes, noting they were just jokes. Let’s hope Trevor Noah can continue making all the jokes he wants on The Daily Show. More importantly, let’s hope Noah finds an audience that will actually tune in and listen to his jokes.

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