Bill Cosby Forced To Give New Deposition In Janice Dickinson Defamation Case — Could Finally Reveal The Truth About Rape Allegations

Bill Cosby at Meet the Press

Bill Cosby’s fall from grace happened fast and hard, and he’s still falling. This week, a judge ordered the comedian to give a new deposition for the defamation lawsuit filed against him by Janice Dickinson.

According to Jezebel, after Dickinson accused Bill Cosby of drugging and raping her in 1982, the comedian denied the claims completely, with his former lawyer Martin Singer calling the allegations “completely fabricated.” This outright denial prompted Dickinson to file a lawsuit against Bill Cosby for damaging her reputation and accusing her of lying. Now, both Bill Cosby and Martin Singer are being forced to write a new deposition regarding the defamation case by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Debre Katz Weintraub.

Cosby and Singer may use attorney-client privilege to refuse to answer some of the questions posed by Janice Dickinson’s attorneys. They also invoked an Anti-SLAPP law, which serves to protect people from lawsuits intended to intimidate, burden or censor.

As part of the Anti-SLAPP motion, Cosby’s team expected Dickinson’s lawyers to prove that Bill Cosby denied the rape allegations with malicious intent to harm Dickinson’s image, according to CBS News. That motion was denied by Judge Weintraub. Cosby has until November 25 to submit the new deposition. The testimonies are expected to reveal whether or not Bill Cosby and Martin Singer knew the rape accusations were real at the time that they denied them.

Bill Cosby protest

“Where there is a case that falls within the umbrella of a potential anti slap they should see whether it should be resolved as a matter of law on the Anti-SLAPP motion,” he said.

Neither Bill Cosby nor Janice Dickinson were present at the hearing.

Those representing Bill Cosby are desperately trying to keep the new deposition from being exposed to the public for fear of further damaging his reputation as an entertainer. At the same time as the Dickinson case, the Bill Cosby team is trying to keep a deposition private regarding another lawsuit filed by Judy Huth.

Huth and Dickinson are only two of more than 50 women who have come forward claiming Bill Cosby sexually assaulted them, usually involving some kind of sedative drug slipped into a beverage without their knowledge. Janice Dickinson’s original claim stated that Bill Cosby snuck a pill into a bottle of wine at a Lake Tahoe, California hotel room 30 years ago. She claims that while she was unconscious, the comedian raped her.

Janice Dickinson tried to expose the truth about Bill Cosby in her 2002 autobiography, but her publisher forced her to not go public with the accusation.


Judge Weintraub has stated that the new deposition will not only force a response from Bill Cosby about the denial, but also ultimately help to determine if the original rape allegations were true, assuming Cosby does not commit perjury.

“In other words, either the rape did occur or it did not occur,” said the judge.

What do you think about the new deposition Bill Cosby is being ordered to give? Do you think it will help to reveal the truth? Do you think Cosby is guilty of any of the allegations brought against him? Leave a comment below.

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