'The Flash' Season 2 Spoilers: One Villain's Shocking Identity Was Just Revealed — And It Is Someone We Already Know

The upcoming episode of The Flash, "The Darkness and the Light," is set to feature a surprising new villain in Doctor Light. Although it has been known that Doctor Light would be included in the second season of the hit show for a while now, the identity of the character has been kept tightly under wraps.

According to Cinema Blend, a new trailer has been released that reveals Doctor Light will be played by a familiar face. With that in mind, it turns out that Doctor Light is Linda Park's (Malese Jow) counterpart from Earth 2. This surprising revelation is a break from the comics, which features the character Kimiyo Yoshi as Doctor Light.

Malese Jow plays Linda Park on The Flash. [Image via The CW]
Malese Jow plays Linda Park on 'The Flash.' [Image via The CW]

Linda has been a staple on the show since the first season when she was featured as Barry Allen's romantic interest. Although they were together for a few episodes last season, the two ended their relationship, and Barry moved on to Iris.

Since their breakup, Linda was featured in the episode "Family of Rogues" in Season 1, and it was revealed that she would be back for a handful of episodes in the new season. Given her history on the show and her lack of super powers, many did not expect her Earth 2 counterpart to be Doctor Light.

Not only has the identity of the new villain surprised fans, the appearance of Doctor Light in Earth 1 also comes as a shock to Linda. In fact, the promo images for the coming episode show Linda having a breakdown of her own in the Central City Picture News office. Presumably, this comes after she finds out that the Earth 2 version of herself is in town.

Meanwhile, according to Design & Trend, Doctor Light's motivations for making the journey to Earth 1 are not based on a need to kill The Flash, as has been the case with Sand Demon (Kett Turton) and Atom Smasher (Adam Copeland). Instead, the villain has her eyes set on ending Linda's life.

"What do you want from me?" Linda is seen asking Doctor Light in the trailer.

"Your life," her Earth 2 counterpart answers.

With that in mind, it does not appear as though the show is setting up Doctor Light to be a hero like she is in the comics. Although this could certainly change, her desire to kill Linda is not going to sit well with Barry and his team. With Barry set to take her down, it doesn't seem likely that she will suddenly change and start fighting on the good side.

If Doctor Light does turn out to be pure evil, then the series could be looking to make Linda into a hero. Although this is pure speculation at this point, it is possible that Linda becomes a good version of Doctor Light after they take down her evil twin.

Either way, the official synopsis for the episode leaves open the possibility that Doctor Light might not be as evil as everyone thinks. In fact, Jay (Teddy Sears) informs Barry that Doctor Light was not an evil person on Earth 2 and that he might be able to talk some sense into her instead of taking her down.

Teddy Sears plays Jay Garrick on season 2 of The Flash. [Image via The CW]
Teddy Sears plays Jay Garrick on Season 2 of 'The Flash.' [Image via The CW]

However, Doctor Light does manage to blind Barry during their ensuing fight. She also tells Barry some shocking news of her own about Zoom, which probably won't sit well with the speedster.

At the same time, the episode will also feature Barry and Patty (Shantel VanSanten) hitting the town for a little date. The details of the romantic adventure and where it leads are still to be seen.

Fans can watch all the drama unfold as Season 2 of The Flash continues Tuesday nights on The CW.

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[Image via The CW]