Erica Parsons Update: Bones Found At Home Of Missing Teen

Is the search for Erica Parsons at its end? New developments are making headlines in this 4-year-old missing persons case, but they’re not positive in nature at all. WBTV News reports that bones have been unearthed at the address formerly inhabited by the missing teen and her adoptive family.

The grim discovery was made earlier on Monday when the current owner of the property was cutting down trees along the property. When the person cut down a large tree somewhere on the property, they discovered the bones and immediately called the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office. The bones have been collected by Rowan County authorities and are currently awaiting testing by the State Medical Examiner’s Office. The Medical Examiner will be expected to determine if the bones belong to a human being, or an animal.

It’s impossible to even speculate whether or not the bones could belong to Erica Lynn Parsons, who hasn’t been seen since 2011, because her adoptive parents once owned and operated a dog kennel on the property with dozens of dogs and other animals. The bones could belong to the missing teen, but they could also belong to any of the dozens of animals that once lived on the property. The Salisbury Post reports that it hasn’t been an uncommon occurrence to find bones while searching for the missing teen. Lieutenant Chad Moose with the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office confirmed this in a statement he gave to media reporters.

“We find bones all the time.”

However, the discovery of bones on the property once inhabited by the missing teen serves as a somber reminder that she is still missing, and no trace of her has ever been sighted or discovered over the course of five years. Erica Parsons was reported missing by her brother in 2013, but nobody has seen her since 2011 (which is what led him to report her missing in the first place). Now her adoptive parents are in prison, serving sentences associated with defrauding the welfare system as foster parents. Over the course of the investigation behind Erica’s disappearance, multiple disturbing discoveries have been made. One of the disturbing finds included a plastic bag containing JonBenet Ramsey magazines, along with a book about the slain Colorado child. Inside the book were notes about remodeling the home. That wasn’t all. Authorities also found that drywall was removed from a closet in the home, which contained red stains. Baseboards from the closet also had red stains on them. Authorities confirmed at one point that they had removed approximately 68 items of interest from the home.

Also over the course of the search for Erica Parsons, both of her adoptive parents have reportedly misled authorities and others by claiming that the missing teen had gone to live with her grandmother. However, authorities have never been able to track down or even confirm the existence of the woman said to have custody of the girl.

If the bones found on this property are confirmed to belong to Erica Parsons, then a new chapter will open in her case that could only confirm the suspicions of the public against her adoptive parents. However, it’s still an equal possibility that these bones belong to an animal. Do you think the search for Erica Lynn Parsons is near its end?

[Image via Rowan County Sheriff’s Office]

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