‘Ladies Of London’ What Actually Happened In Denmark? [Spoilers]

Wow, London must be a really dramatic place, because the Ladies of London seem to take it everywhere they go, even Denmark, and even when they are asked to keep it chill. Exactly what is it that set off this current powder keg? Fans are seriously curious and a bit confused. How many times can Marissa Hermer apologize for her tasteless comments about Caroline Fleming’s younger man? What is seriously ticking off Annabelle Neilson so much that she decided to lay out all of the Ladies of London at the dining table? And has Annabelle just gotten started?

The Inquisitr reported that in addition to the built up resentment between Hermer and Fleming, Annabelle Neilson has decided not to keep quiet and turn the other cheek, but instead is telling the full Ladies of London that she thinks they are petty, and not very becoming of proper English ladies. Well, snap, and she is talking to you, Caroline and Julie. And Juliet, just sit there and think before you talk.

Jobs & Hire is reporting that most importantly, the show is now on at 8 p.m. est on Monday nights, whereas it was on at 10 p.m. previously. Then, they are stressing that on Ladies of London, Caroline Fleming is still not sure of Marissa’s sincerity.

“I found my sit down with Marissa, sadly, to be very superficial and not very kind,” Fleming said during her interview with Bravo TV. “Having made a decision to invite the girls to Denmark, I felt it important to clear the air with Marissa and very sadly, Marissa’s style is to roll her eyes and bang her head against a wall and say we have had a conversation a hundred times even though the truth is we have had it twice, once being dragged from the bathroom and second time over coffee.”

Bottom line, she isn’t buying it, and doesn’t think that she will ever be friends with Hermer.

“I don’t find her coming from a place of kindness or humility or compassion, for that matter – she and I are clearly very different people, and this is a very sensitive and personal subject for me,” she added.

Fashion & Style is saying that there is a major power struggle between Annabelle and Caroline Stanbury.

“Underlying all of this is this energy between Annabelle and Caroline that has been brewing for a while, and now I feel like it’s about to come to heads,” Juliet said of the argument.”

And Annabelle is not backing down, and seems to have no love lost for Stanbury.

“She’s like a cow when it opens its mouth really,” Annabelle said of Caroline. “You sound like a petulant, little child. You really do sound unattractive and stupid.”

There is also an issue with puppets and puppet masters in reference, especially to Julie Montagu. There is a situation where there are majorly strong personalities. The bickering will hit a new level in the coming episodes, and there will be a troubling situation when it comes to Annabelle and some news from her sister. Fans won’t be able to move away from the new storm that is brewing, and the ladies will be dragged into two distinct camps.

Are you team Annabelle or team Caroline on Ladies of London? Will you be watching for the rest of the season?

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