Robert Herjavec’s Massive Success Inspires ‘DWTS’ Contestants

Robert Herjavec competed on Dancing with the Stars in the spring after appearing on Shark Tank for many seasons. While many viewers first met Robert on Shark Tank, he is actually a well-known Canadian entrepreneur who also filmed the Canadian version of Shark Tank for years. Dragon’s Den filmed years before the American spin-off was created, but Robert felt he was better suited for the American version.

And when Robert Herjavec decided to compete on Dancing with the Stars, he didn’t do so with the intention of marketing his business. In fact, Herjavec is already pulling in millions of dollars, and he wanted to compete on the show because it was his late mother’s favorite show. Luckily for Herjavec, he found love with his dance partner, Kym Johnson.

According to a new tweet, Robert Herjavec is now inspiring people he met on Dancing with the Stars. Of course, Robert himself was very inspired by his competition, including Noah Galloway. He recently gave Noah a beautiful gift for his birthday: a framed American flag. But, as it turns out, Robert is inspiring Noah’s son.

“This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!! I don’t blame him, it’s a good book,” one follower wrote in reply, agreeing it was an amazing book.

Another added, “I am gonna get my future kid to read all of these type of books. That’d be my retirement plan.”

Of course, Herjavec has worked for years on his internet security business. The business is making sales all over the world, and he continues to pull in money because of the increasing number of threats online. His business, the Herjavec Group, apparently brought in $140 million in revenue last year, according to Business Insider. But as he explains to the website, he never saw himself as an entrepreneur.

Robert Herjavec reveals that “over the course of 25 years since then, I have often reflected on things I learned about people, about business, and about myself while waiting on tables. I won’t say the experiences were totally responsible for my business success, but I draw upon them from time to time when making a business decision or assessing a situation.”

Of course, Herjavec wasn’t famous for being an entrepreneur. Despite pulling in impressive numbers last year, Robert didn’t become a household name until he filmed Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank. It was also because of his role on these shows that he landed a position on Dancing with the Stars. Even though Robert is successful these days, he still jokes around with fellow Shark Tank member Mark Cuban.

“Mark Cuban and I always argue about this. He’s always, ‘Oh, when I was 12 I knew I was going to start my own business.’ When I was 12, I didn’t know anything. I just wanted to go outside and play,” Herjavec explains about his childhood, hinting that he didn’t want to become an entrepreneur when he was a child.

Luckily, things have worked out for him. These days, Robert is dating Kym Johnson, who was his professional dance partner on Dancing with the Stars. He is still going through his divorce, but he could be working on settling his assets and giving his wife enough money to continue living her lavish lifestyle. He also has children he wants to protect during this divorce.

What do you think of Robert Herjavec inspiring the youngsters involved with Dancing with the Stars?

[Image via Instagram]