‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jake’s Identity Revealed At Last, Lulu’s Heart Is Crushed At The Haunted Star Party

This will be a huge week on General Hospital. Spoilers detail that Lulu will get a big shocker regarding Dante’s night with Valerie, and someone important finally learns the truth about Jake Doe being Jason Morgan. Just what can viewers expect from the Monday, November 2 episode?

Viewers watched last week as the party on the Haunted Star started. Though the teaser of Dillon’s film supposedly did not have the footage of the big confession, somehow that’s what plays for the crowd. General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps share that Lulu will finally find out that Valerie and Dante shared more than a kiss on that fateful night.

Though Andy will scramble and note that the version playing isn’t the version he handed over, everybody in attendance will watch the clip in stunned silence. Did Dillon engineer this to play due to his feelings for Lulu and anger toward Dante, or was this purely accidental? Viewers will have to tune in to find out.

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The video will be stopped before everything is revealed, but General Hospital spoilers share that Lulu will push for it to continue. It seems there will be a confrontation, and Lulu finally learns the truth, or at least enough. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, she will have some heated words for Dante and may initiate a split. She will be heartbroken to learn what really happened, and fans will have to wait and see if he can win her back.

There will be some frisky action taking place at the Haunted Star, too, as Morgan gets intimate with Darby. However, apparently Kiki will find out about this, and on Tuesday’s show, she reacts to it. General Hospital spoilers tease that Hayden and Nikolas will cross paths with Jake on Monday’s show as well, and she may hint toward trouble ahead.

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Just what does Hayden have planned when it comes to Liz and Jake’s wedding? More will come on this later in the week, but General Hospital spoilers detail that during Monday’s show, Jake will caution Hayden and Nik to keep things drama-free. Later, Jake and Sam will connect and run into Patrick and Liz.

Of course, there is another big moment coming on Monday’s show that fans have been anxiously waiting to see. Spinelli’s computer program is wrapping up and is showing that, indeed, Jake is Jason Morgan. When Spinelli had to run out of town, he left Carly in charge of checking on the program.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Carly will be stunned to see what the program reveals, and she will immediately jump into having the information verified. It seems that Carly will manage to have a rush DNA test done, and she will scramble to fill in the missing pieces. However, as she rushes to do all of this, she will seemingly run into big trouble and have others worried about her safety.

Sam and Patrick will spend some quiet time together with the kids on Monday’s show, likely one of the last times they’ll peacefully be together. The truth about Jake will be out soon, and unfortunately, it’s been confirmed that Jason Thompson will be leaving the role of Patrick very soon. Will Patrick reunite with Robin and Sam reunite with Jason? Fans are anxious to find out.

There is plenty more drama ahead as the week plays out, as General Hospital spoilers tease that Liz will be ready for her wedding day, but Hayden taunts her about secrets, and Jake is missing as he hunts for Carly. Just how will it play out? General Hospital fans can’t wait to find out.

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