‘Blue’s Clues’ Steve Burns Dead? The Living Truth According To Him

One of Blue’s clues should probably be used to find Steve Burns’ dead body. Nevermind, he’s alive and has spoken about the rumor to the contrary. Likewise, he recalled his experience of learning about his own “death.”

A viral report states that Steve Burns was pronounced dead on October 31, 2015, approximately around 7 p.m. According to MSMBC (Not MSNBC), he was involved in a “one-car” accident which left him overturned on Route 422, in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Supposedly, Steve Burns sustained severe head trauma during the wreck. Once authorities arrived at the scene, they tried as best as possible to save him. However, it was said that he died when he arrived to the Reading Hospital and Medical Center.

The report also mentions that Nickelodeon spokesperson James Vanderbilt sent his condolences.

“This is obviously a tragedy. We’re shocked and saddened by this news. Steve was a positive role model to millions of children who invited him into their homes everyday. His passing is a great loss to countless fans and to all of us here.”

Moreover, as for the accident, he was driving a Dodge Challenger, according to the source.

Well, things aren’t as they seem. Steve read the article, himself. After doing so, he mentioned that the part about the “Charger” was the worst part of his death rumor.

According to Steve Burns, himself — via his Twitter profile, Mr. “Blue’s Clues” stated that the article, as well as his death situation, is “arguable.” He tweeted that he’s still alive and well. However, the information in the initial article was slightly inaccurate. Only slightly (sarcasm).

This seems to have happened to him before as well. Epoch Times reports that he came under similar allegations years ago, rumors yelled that Steve had died due to a heroin overdose. Even then, he went through similar speculation. People were tweeting and posting, “R.I.P. Steve,” just like this time.

Ironically, on October 22, 2015, Steve updated his Twitter, tackling an unrelated-but-relevant issue which would seem to show itself only days later.

Ideally in this situation, the “complicated questions” could be understood as the concerns over his death rumors, and the “comforting answers” could be understood as people believing the report, as it is. As well, the “learned something” could be understood as people spreading the rumor further.

People don’t generally share material that goes against their own thoughts. If people think something is funny, they share it. If they think something is horrible, they share it to get opinions from others who would think the same thing and relate, right?

Well, people relate with growing up in the “Blue’s Clues” era. During those times, Steve Burns was a part of nearly every household during childhood mornings. When Steve left, it felt like someone moved out. However, when “Joe” came on the scene, it just wasn’t the same. You almost wanted to hold your child’s hand in front of this new stranger. In the back of your head, while watching Blue struggle with the new owner, you wondered, “Where the heck is Steve?? Come back!”

Did you not feel the same? Once Nickelodeon switched out “Face” and brought on “Steve,” it was quite the transition. But families learned to appreciate him. Well, at least he’s alive and well. This rumor was debunked by Burns, himself.

Also, according to Epoch Times, MSMBC is a satirical news website. And given the viral story, their claim is understandable.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to share them in the comments section.

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