Miko Grimes Loses WQAM Show After Arrest: 40-Year-Old NFL Wife’s Charges Reduced From Felonies

When Miko Grimes, the outspoken wife of NFL player Brent Grimes, was recently arrested, the situation went viral. In the video showing Miko being arrested, Grimes can be heard cursing and swearing as folks around her wondered aloud what Miko had done to deserve such treatment. The videos of Miko’s arrest proliferated around YouTube, because it’s not every day that NFL fans see an NFL wife on the pavement being arrested by police. Brent plays for the Miami Dolphins, and in previous videos, like the below video titled “Brent Grimes’ Wife Making Big Waves,” Miko can be seen going head-to-head with her husband in a competitive manner in terms of sports.

Brent stuck up for his wife and Miko’s loud manner, however, it’s unknown how Grimes feels about the viral video of Miko’s arrest. Miko could be seen in another video, with Grimes leaving jail after her arrest a lot quieter and not speaking. Miko left jail wordlessly — not screaming and cursing in front of the cameras that were rolling. Unlike when Miko reportedly paid no attention to the police warning her not to break through a barricade designed specifically not to cross, a move that ultimately got her arrested, Miko’s walk out of jail was silent.

By reportedly ignoring the warnings not to break through the barricades by police, Miko was eventually facing serious charges that included disorderly conduct, as well as those that claimed Miko head-butted a cop and resisted arrest with violence. As reported by NBC Miami, Miko walked silently out of jail, wearing a number 21 Grimes jersey in support of her husband, with her hands behind her back in a submissive position. It wasn’t necessary for Miko to have her hands behind her back at that point, because Miko was no longer wearing handcuffs.

After eventually being allowed into the car of the person who picked her up at the Miami-Dade correctional facility after bond was posted for her to leave jail, Miko disappeared into the night. Now news comes via NBC Sports that Miko’s charges have been reduced from felony charges stemming from the viral September 27 incident.

Miko isn’t completely scot-free, however, from the charges that happened at Sun Life Stadium. The 40-year-old Miko reportedly broke through a designated area with police bikes and charged into an area of the stadium that was restricted area.

As reported by the Palm Beach Post, instead of facing felony charges, Miko now faces misdemeanor charges — with the same charges of resisting arrest (now without violence) and disorderly conduct being reported by the publication. Miko wasn’t restricted from going to London when the Dolphins played the Jets. However, Miko lost her WQAM show after the arrest.

Miko only calmed down only when police threatened to taser her, but Miko got mad again, and threatened to kick a police officer.

“F*** you, cops, You can’t tell me what to do.”

NFL fans are having a varied amount of reactions to the words Miko reportedly said to police during her arrest, and about her reported actions at the time.

“She’s supposed to be setting an example for Brent. She’s 8 years older than him.”

“For some the sense of entitlement knows no bounds.”

“Sounds like resisting with violence and possibly assault on a police office. And yes, police can tell you what to do. They are not always right, but the time to argue that is later, not at the scene.”

“A lot of the women who marry football players truly believe that the law does not apply to them. They further believe their husband’s employer will use his clout to get her out of whatever trouble she gets in. This one’s in for a rude awakening!”

[Image via YouTube/CBS Miami]

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