Caitlyn Jenner: Boyfriend Reports Are False, One Media Outlet Indicates

Does Caitlyn Jenner have a boyfriend? Could it be true that the Olympic gold medalist has moved on from her relationship with ex-wife Kris Jenner and has started a relationship with someone new?

Perhaps not entirely. In fact, if you ask one news outlet, the reports aren’t quite truthful.

Ask Gossip Cop, for instance, and the recent reports about Caitlyn Jenner’s boyfriend are downright false. So where, exactly, did these reports come from?

On Saturday, the Daily Mail published photos of Caitlyn Jenner and a shorter “bearded mystery man” who were seen together at Jamba Juice in Caitlyn’s former stomping grounds of Calabasas, California. The Daily Mail noted that the man might not be Caitlyn Jenner’s boyfriend at all, but rather her bodyguard.

Either way, the media outlet brought the question of Caitlyn Jenner’s dating life to the forefront, noting that Jenner told the Today Show that she “was kind of open to anything” where relationships are concerned. Jenner, who has been married three times and has six children, told Matt Lauer, of the Today Show, the following.

“Right now, I’m just happy living myself. I have no idea what the future holds. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. I just want to enjoy myself right now.”

Soon after the report was published by the Daily Mail, Gossip Cop swooped in and stated that the reports that Caitlyn Jenner might have a boyfriend simply aren’t true. Though Gossip Cop acknowledges that the same man was seen at Caitlyn Jenner’s birthday party and elsewhere with the TV personality, the media outlet indicates that the man works for the former decathlete. Gossip Cop wrote as follows.

“Shockingly, or perhaps not so shockingly to Gossip Cop after all these years, not one of the outlets that put out the Caitlyn Jenner ‘boyfriend’ rumor bothered to fact-check it. Our understanding is that the gentleman works for Jenner, and is most assuredly not a ‘boyfriend.’ “

Gossip Cop went on to write that, having checked with Jenner’s rep, the website can confirm that Caitlyn Jenner’s “boyfriend” is not really a boyfriend at all.

Gossip Cop‘s claims would seem to support the comments made by Jenner to the Today Show in September, when she said that looking for love simply isn’t her priority right now. In fact, Jenner told Lauer that she would rather have “a lot of great friends” than find a life companion.

“I come from a different spot. All the girls on the show are all young, they all want a family, to fine love, all that stuff,” Jenner told Lauer. “For me, I’ve already had all that. I want a lot of great friends that I can share my life with and that’s important to me.”

When Lauer asked Jenner about whether she is attracted to men or women, Jenner begged off the question, saying she’ll “cross that bridge when (she) comes to it.”

Given Jenner’s comments and the less-than-committal tone of the article from the Daily Mail, it seems likely that the report from Gossip Cop is accurate. More so, it seems unlikely that Caitlyn Jenner’s boyfriend would be spotted together with the I Am Cait star for the first time at a Jamba Juice.

What do you think? Do you believe Caitlyn Jenner has a boyfriend? Do you believe the man shown in the Daily Mail photos, seen here, is Caitlyn Jenner’s boyfriend? Why or why not?

See more of the September Today Show interview with Matt Lauer and Caitlyn Jenner in the video below.

[Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images Entertainment]