Obama’s New Campaign Ad is Celebrity-Free

President Barack Obama’s newest campaign ad comes after weeks of highly scrutinized commercials featuring celebrities. The Obama campaign advertisement released today does not include Hollywood types praising the president but does once again utilize the “got your back” slogan which premiered in the earlier commercials featuring celebrities. The Obama campaign slogan, “Forward” was lambasted by some media outlets due to a link to age-old socialist leaning organizations and politicians, according to information republished on The Blaze.

Whether the backlash over the term “Forward” caused the slogan to be ditched in favor of the “got your back” phrase sometimes uttered amongst friends remains to be seen. Barry White- style music plays in the background as quotes from President Obama are prominently featured throughout the new campaign ad. The reoccurring notion of “letting the president know we have his back” mimics the theme of the earlier celebrity-infused commercials but skips the notable faces this time around. The American voter is likely far more concerned with what the president can do to return the nation to a state of prosperity than what citizens can do to soothe his bruised ego after a rough week in the press.

Claims that the president was out-of-touch with not only middle class America but with the level of importance placed upon the struggling economy by voters may have led to a less star-studded campaign ad. Quotes by President Obama hit all of the liberal talking points throughout the new re-election commercial. Fear tactics appear to take center stage and caution voters that without a second term for Barack Obama the Head Start program may fold and millions of Americans will be forced to survive without healthcare.

Whether or not the new Obama campaign ad was designed specifically to appeal to African-American voters as some conservative pundits have mused, according to The Blaze; unemployment and the future of the economy are issues which extend beyond race, class and party affiliation.

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