Brandi Glanville Criticizes ‘RHOC’ Hosuewives For Treatment of Vicki Gunvalson, Meghan King Edmonds Responds

Brandi Glanville is apparently Team Vicki. On Saturday, Brandi posted a tweet that voiced support for Vicki Gunvalson and criticized the other housewives’ treatment of her. Not surprisingly, Vicki’s co-star, Meghan King Edmonds, had something to say about Brandi’s tweet.

Brandi’s tweet pointed out that it’s silly that the other housewives on The Real Housewives of Orange County, consisting of Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge, Heather Dubrow, and Meghan, don’t want to film with Vicki but yet without Vicki, they wouldn’t have had much of a show this past season.


Vicki retweeted Brandi’s tweet. Brandi’s tweet refers to the report, posted on All Things Real Housewives about two weeks ago, that the other women on the Orange County show are refusing to film with Vicki next season and are trying to push her out of the show, similar to what the women of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills did to Brandi.

“Right now the women are refusing to film with Vicki Gunvalson for next season. None of them are speaking to her anymore. They are trying to push Vicki out like the ladies did Brandi Glanville on Beverly Hills.”

Meghan replied that she never once filmed with just Vicki this past season. Meghan’s point seemed to be that she and the other housewives had plenty of interactions with one another that didn’t involve and revolve around Vicki, so Brandi is wrong when she says that there wouldn’t have been much of a show if it wasn’t for Vicki.


Some people pointed out to Meghan King Edmonds that Brandi Glanville was saying was that much of Season 10 was consumed by the Vicki and Brooks Ayers cancer storyline. Indeed, on Season 10, especially towards the end, the show focused heavily on the other housewives’ questioning of Vicki and Brooks’ claim that he has cancer. The storyline was sparked when Meghan, Tamra, and Heather met with Tamra’s psychic, who said that he did not “see” Brooks having cancer. As viewers saw, Meghan was especially suspicious of Vicki and Brooks’ claim. While the other housewives asked lots of questions, Meghan took a step further by calling medical offices and even one of Brooks’ exes to verify the story.

Vicki recently defended herself by stating yet again that she didn’t lie about Brooks having cancer, at least on purpose. In the comments section of an Instagram post that she posted on Saturday, Vicki said that she would never lie about cancer, since she has personally lost loved ones to it. She maintained that she has been truthful about everything.

“i am truthful – still don’t really know everything and probably never will. I’ve moved on. My family is amazing and I’m learning this new life of being single now. God has a plan for my life and I’m excited to see what is in store.”

Vicki also said that it’s ridiculous that Brooks’ cancer became such an issue this past season.

“It’s messed up! Remember this all stemmed from a psychic! #crazy, #cancerstinks,#loveandbelieve.”

Vicki Gunvalson has made clear that she wants a big change for Season 11 of The Real Housewives of Orange County. She retweeted a fan’s tweet that expressed hope that the other housewives will all be fired. Vicki also agreed with fans who tweeted that Season 11 will probably show “the terrible trio” turn against one another and that the trio’s “friendship” with one another is phony.


It’s not clear exactly who “the terrible trio” refers to, but it may be Tamra, Shannon, and Heather. The three women have grown closer after filming Season 10, and recently got together for Heather’s new podcast.


In response to a fan who tweeted that Shannon is a fool to trust Heather and Tamra, pointing out that she has had drama with both women in the previous season, Vicki agreed that Shannon will learn the hard way about trusting Heather and Tamra, and that Shannon flip flops between who she’s loyal to every year.


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Vicki also recently tweeted that the other women may be following Tamra Judge because they’re scared of her, an accusation that Heather and Meghan immediately denied.

A preview of The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion finale, which airs tonight, November 1 at 8 p.m., shows Vicki, with Briana Culberson sitting next to her, admitting to Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge, Meghan King Edmonds, and Heather Dubrow that she lied when she told Shannon that Brooks Ayers was so sick one night that she called Terry Dubrow for help, and Terry sent over someone to administer an IV to Brooks.

When asked why she lied, Vicki Gunvalson said she was looking for compassion. When asked if she lied because she started having doubts over Brooks Ayers’ cancer, Vicki said that she still believes him.

“I fabricated because I really was looking for compassion from somebody… I still believe he has cancer.”

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