Chris Soules Done With Dating? Former ‘Bachelor’ And Whitney Bischoff Ex Ready To Focus On His Career

Although there has been plenty of speculation regarding the dating life of Chris Soules, the former Bachelor star is apparently done with the dating world and moving on with his life on the farm. In an interview with Fox News, the reality dating star revealed that he is leaving his life of fame behind and following what he loves.

“I’m focusing on doing what I love after going through what I went through. It wasn’t long ago that I was engaged… After you do that and have a really serious relationship but for me I think it’s best for me to focus on doing what I love… I’m trying to focus on my career in agriculture.”

What is Soules’ passion in life? Apparently, the man who has enjoyed time on both The Bachelorette and The Bachelor is going back to his roots as a family farmer in Iowa and leaving the world of reality TV far behind.

“My goal is to farm and when things begin to fade and people don’t want to see me on TV anymore, I’m fine with that but I’m embracing and the opportunities that come along,” he told the outlet. “One of the things is with the fame that has come with all that is help be a spokesman for agriculture and that’s really something I’m passionate about and want to do going forward.”

As many fans will recall, Soules has had a rough time in the realm of reality dating contests. After a failed attempt to win over Andi Dorfman’s heart on the The Bachelorette, Soules was given another chance as the lead man on The Bachelor. However, although things appeared to be working out just fine between Soules and Whitney Bischoff, the two ended their engagement shortly after the show ended.

Since breaking up with Whitney Bischoff, Chis Soules has been hounded by dating rumors. [Image via ABC] Since breaking up with Whitney Bischoff, Chis Soules has been hounded by dating rumors. [Image via ABC]While Chris Soules’ comments seem to indicate that he is done with the dating world as he moves past his relationship with Bischoff, he did go on to reveal that he would be open to dating a vegetarian if it came down to it. “I would not rule it out. It would be a hurdle,” he revealed. “It would definitely be a hurdle that we would have to talk through but I’d hope she’s open-minded maybe I could convince her to throw a little pork in her diet every once and a while.”

Meanwhile, just because Soules is returning to focus his attention on the agricultural world doesn’t mean he is giving up everything related to his fame. In fact, according to a recent Twitter post, Soules is still working as hard as ever on his dance moves.

“I’m not sure if I should ever do this in public again…,” Soules wrote alongside a clip of him showing off his dance moves while doing a television interview in Canada.

Although Soules did not sound incredibly confident in his dancing abilities, fans watching Canadian television were apparently pleased with Soules’ dance moves. According to Star Pulse, some fans even responded to Soules dancing on social media. “I have seen this move in person. It does not disappoint,” one fan wrote, while another added, “lmao I love it I’m absolutely adding that to my line dancing moves.”

Chris Soules has also been linked to his Dancing With the Stars partney Witney Carson. [Image via ABC] Chris Soules has also been linked to his Dancing With the Stars partney Witney Carson. [Image via ABC]Soules was in Canada for a round of interviews concerning family values, agriculture, and farming with sustainable crops. Exactly how his dancing relates to these subjects is still unclear, though Soules did mention his visit in another post to social media.

“Telling Toronto about farming – family values, caring for the land & sustainably producing grains @GoodinGrain,” the former reality star wrote.

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[Image via ABC]