Orlando Bloom Accepts Award, Jokes About Dating Kendall Jenner And Punching Justin Bieber

Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom as Will Turner in Pirates of the Carribbean (Image Courtesy of Disney Films)

Orlando Bloom was recently honored for his humanitarian work with UNICEF. On Friday, October 30, Orlando received the Britannia Humanitarian Award at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. USA Today posted a story about his acceptance speech that was a bit humorous. Robert Downey Jr. introduced Bloom by saying that the award went to someone who was “compassionate when he’s not swinging at Justin Bieber or dating Kendall Jenner.” So Orlando decided to squash the rumors at the beginning of his acceptance speech. “I wanted the opportunity to clear this up, I actually did not ‘connect’ with Justin Bieber,” Bloom said, referring to an alleged scuffle with the teen pop star last year. And then the Pirates of theCaribbean star basically said he was up for dating Kendall Jenner even if he wasn’t at the moment.

“And I don’t know Kendall Jenner, but if you have her number, I’d be interested,”


After the humorous introduction to his speech, Bloom finished by making a rather moving speech about his work with UNICEF. “One of the greatest rewards for being in films that kids have seen around the world is the opportunity to connect with children in some of the most remote and troubled parts of the world, even if they may have only seen a pirated version of Pirates of the Caribbean,” he said.

“But seriously, to witness their boundless spirit, their sense of humor, their ability to adapt and overcome in the face of absolutely horrendous circumstances is truly inspiring.”

Orlando also talked about how UNICEF gave him an “incredible sense of humanity” and how inspired he was by the bravery of the children and refugees he has seen in his work.

“The bravery of the children I’ve witnessed at refugee camps is beyond inspiring. What I’ve experienced with UNICEF is an incredible sense of humanity… Being a father, I can’t imagine how I would navigate some of the situations that some of these families have experienced.”

Orlando Bloom visits refugee camps and is moved by what he sees.

Orlando Bloom first started working with UNICEF in 2007 while visiting schools in Nepal. He became a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF in 2009 and has worked with the organization ever since. This was Orlando’s first award for his work for the organization. Last month, an article by the Daily Mirror said that Bloom was “devastated” by his visit to refugee camps in Greece, Serbia, and Macedonia and has called for “greater protection for refugee and migrant children.” Bloom had met and talked with refugee children who described their horrific ordeals after having to leave their homes.

Below, in 2009, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Orlando Bloom speaks about the right for everyone to have clean water.

Orlando Bloom first became known for his role as the loyal and brave elf Legalos in Lord of the Rings, and more recently as Will Turner opposite Johnny Depp in the Pirates of theCaribbean movie franchise, a role which Bloom will be returning to in Pirates 5. In addition to the recent Humanitarian Award, Bloom was honored with a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood last year.

Orlando Bloom
Bloom and Son Flynn at Hollywood Walk of Fame (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)
Orlando Bloom as Legalos in 'The Hobbit' (Image Via ComicVine)

What did you think about Orlando Bloom’s humorous take on the rumors about him dating Kendall Jenner? Do you think he is serious about dating her? Do you think Orlando is too old for Kendall? Please share your thoughts below.

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