Kyle Navin: Jeffrey And Jeanette Navin Were Brutally Murdered By Their Son And His Girlfriend, Police Say

Authorities recently made the gruesome discovery of two dead bodies in the back yard of a vacant home in Connecticut, and police say Kyle Navin and his girlfriend, Jennifer Valiante, are responsible for the deaths of Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin, Kyle’s parents. According to a report from the New York Times, Kyle Navin, 27, will be charged with murder in the death of his parents, an Easton couple who had been missing since August 4. Navin is currently being held in a federal prison in Rhode Island on a weapons charge and is expected to be arraigned on the murder charges early next week.

Police also arrested 31-year-old Jennifer Valiante, and charged her with conspiracy to commit murder and obstruction of justice. She is being held on a $2 million bond.

A month before the disappearance of his parents, police said Kyle Navin wrote to his girlfriend that he had the “perfect plan” to get “money for life” and would soon lead a life free of financial worries. Now, Kyle is suspected of killing his parents and throwing their bodies on the ground of an unoccupied residence in Weston, a city in Connecticut. According to the warrant, Jeanette Navin’s remains were found covered by a blue tarp with silver duct tape on it, in a pile of brush and leaves, the Hartford Courant wrote. Jeffrey Navin’s remains were also found on the property inside dark contractor bags. The legs were bound with painter’s tape. The bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Navin, 56 and 55 respectively, were discovered Thursday.

Police say Kyle Navin devised the murder plan after he learned that his parents planned to cut him out of their will. A few days before her disappearance, Navin’s mother allegedly told a friend that she and her husband were worried about their son’s drug use, so they were going to cut him out of their will. Reportedly, she also expressed that they were planning on selling their trash-hauling business.

According to an affidavit related to the arrest warrant of Valiante, Jeanette Navin, who worked as an assistant librarian in a school, confided in friends that her relationship with Kyle was “tumultuous.” She also revealed that she and her husband had bought their son a house in his name, but he failed to pay the mortgage or taxes. Court documents revealed that the home was purchased in cash and Kyle Navin owed his parents $133,000.

Investigators say Kyle was furious at his parents, and he texted his girlfriend after he got into a heated argument with his dad on July 8. The following text is a transcript of the text message conversation.

Kyle:”I was trying not to punch him in the face and get arrested. If I do punch him I won’t be able to stop.”
Valiante: “I don’t like how they call all the shots.”
Kyle wrote: “Wipe out the infection and get $ for life. It’s a perfect plan.”

Police believe Jeffrey Navin feared for the couple’s lives and on August 4, he texted his son saying he would not go home until he knew his wife was okay. wrote that he asked Kyle if he had hurt his mom and he also feared that if Kyle did murder her, he’d try to frame him for the murder.

Investigators reviewed the text messages between Kyle and his lover before Navin went missing, and they disclosed the messages sent by Jeffrey Navin to his son on the day of the disappearance. Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin’s younger son, Taylor, who lives in Mississippi, was also questioned by police. He was not surprised to learn that Kyle was considered a suspect in connection with the disappearance of his father and mother.

“When I heard my parents were missing, I thought to myself…they either went on vacation, or my brother did something to them,” Taylor Navin was quoted as saying.

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