Prince Harry’s New Girlfriend To Be Found By Camilla Parker-Bowles? Prince Lost Looking For Wife He Desires

Prince Harry is reportedly getting some dating advice from his step mother, Camilla Parker-Bowles, who is intent on finding the fifth in line to the British throne a new girlfriend that will one day, hopefully, turn into his wife.

According to the Express’ sources, the Duchess Of Cornwall wants to try and find Prince Harry a new woman because she would simply “love to be involved” in these kind of romantic endeavours.

Prince Harry is adamant that he wants to find the right woman that he will ultimately settle down with. A source for the publication explained, “Harry’s desire to settle down, have his own family and be like his brother is quite a strong one.”

The insider continued, “He wants to have some kids and get a dog and be ordinary. He just doesn’t know how to achieve it.”

This is where Camilla Parker-Bowles comes in, because she is believed to love playing match-maker with her friends and family. This is something that she is going to pursue alongside the help of her own children, Tom Parker-Bowles and Laura Lopes.

prince-harry-dating-advice [Image via Getty/Chris Jackson]The insider added, “Camilla knows it will make Charles very happy to see Harry settled down with the right girl, just as William is. Camilla loves to be involved — she had lunch with Kate after she got engaged to William.”

Prince Charles doesn’t really want to get involved in Prince Harry’s pursuit for love, especially since he was reportedly pressured into marrying 20-year-old Diana Spencer when he was 32-years-old by his own family.

Thirty-year-old Prince Harry is currently believed to be single. The son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana has previously been heavily linked to both Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas.

Prince Harry is thought to have dated Davy for five years between 2004 and 2009, while he is also believed to have been in a relationship with Bonas for just under two years.

Speaking of his current relationship status just last month, Prince Harry responded to a request for an update from the Mirror while he was on a charity walk.

“There are a lot of things to do before settling down… another seven miles to walk now which I’m not looking forward to.”

It’s also been alleged that Prince Harry has already expressed the feeling that he is hugely worried about “becoming the new Prince Andrew.” Prince Harry’s uncle, who is also the Duke Of York and the sixth in line to the royal throne, married Sarah Ferguson back in 1986.

However, Andrew and Sarah’s marriage ultimately ended in divorce in 1996, and Prince Harry, who has a reputation as the current wild boy in the royal family, is dreading that he might wed the wrong woman and then bring the royal family’s reputation into disrepute.

prince-harry-single-camilla-parker-bowles [Image via Getty/Chris Jackson]That’s why his mother-in-law has reportedly taken it upon herself to try and solve his romantic blues. We’ll now have to wait and see if Camilla Parker-Bowles actually has the desired effect that Prince Harry and the rest of the Royal family desire.

In other Prince Harry news, he presented the New Zealand rugby side with the World Cup at Twickenham after the All Blacks beat Australia 34-17 to win the coveted competition.

Prince Harry attended the final, alongside his grandfather, Prince Philip, and brother, Prince William.

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