WWE News: WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash Says He Has One More Run Left In The WWE

The last time the WWE Universe saw Kevin Nash was during his WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony at WrestleMania 31. After a very accomplished career, Nash was enshrined, and it was well-deserved. He has one of the longest reigns as WWE champion in history. It was his final run with the company that got WWE fans' heads turning.

CM Punk was the WWE champion. In 2011, he won the title at Money in the Bank in one of the most controversial moments in professional wrestling history. He won the title from John Cena and proceeded to leave the company. When he did return, he feuded with Cena, and then Alberto Del Rio got in the mix.

WWE CM Punk vs HHH vs Kevin Nash
Kevin Nash with CM Punk in 2011. [Image via youtube.com]It was at SummerSlam where Kevin Nash screwed CM Punk out of retaining his WWE championship. When he interfered, that allowed Alberto Del Rio to cash-in his Money in the Bank briefcase to win the title. Nash never got to face Punk, as he got injured before the scheduled bout. Aside from wrestling Triple H, Nash didn't wrestle again.

Will Nash ever return to the WWE? In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Kevin Nash talked CM Punk and their match that never happened, plus if he has one more run left in him.

"I never had a problem with Phil [Brooks aka CM Punk]... I wish we could have had our match. I knew he was talented enough to carry me, even at that point in my career, and he was super over. Even with the size difference, he could have done enough to help carry me. We could have done something with it, and we would have told a hell of a story. It wouldn't have made my run any longer, but it would have been one more nice piece to add to the puzzle."

"When Kane wrestled with one sleeve, that one sleeve would have covered my tattoo... Our size is pretty close, so you could have had me as Kane, or you could have tied in the Authority."

"I have one more run... I'm started to get things fixed. I'm getting my shoulder fixed, I'm getting my neck fixed. I miss it, so never say never."

Kevin Nash was a fixture that helped the Monday Night Wars become what it did. When he and Scott Hall left for World Championship Wrestling, the industry changed forever. Their contracts were guaranteed, which set a new precedent for professional wrestling. Not even Vince McMahon and the WWE could do that. That's another reason why Nash was so influential on the business.

His last run in the WWE wasn't what it could've been. Like he mentioned above, Punk could've carried Nash for a great match. Nash once had an ego, and he may still have that. For him to say that is a big honor. Punk was good enough for their feud to carry on. Nash is a great microphone worker. Their promos had the WWE fans on their feet.

Kevin Nash WWE
Kevin Nash with Scott Hall and X-Pac as the Outsiders. [Image via wwe.com]If the WWE is looking to stack the deck with part-time stars in the next several months, WrestleMania 32 is a good date if they want Nash to make another run. Instead of putting over young talent, there's one man who mentioned that a WWE return isn't out of the question.

Goldberg, former-World Heavyweight champion, talked about a WWE return in the future. His only stipulation was that he have an honest conversation with the WWE executives. Goldberg understands that this is a business. Both sides want to make their money and put on the best show possible. There won't be another instance of the Lesnar vs. Goldberg match from years ago. Goldberg is more mature at this point and if the money is right, nobody will want to screw it up.

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