Avery Ayers Chooses Non-English Speaking Vice Presidential Candidate

Alejandrina Cabrera had hoped to run for office in her town of San Luis City but her city council balloting request wad designed because she doesn’t speak, read or write English fluently. Despite that failure Cabrera has now received a better offer, the chance to run as Avery Ayers’ vice presidential candidate for the Utopian Party.

Sure the pair have almost zero percent chance of winning the US Presidency but the move does allow her to work in politics, something that was denied to her because of a language barrier.

According to the Arizona Republic the Arizona constitution requires candidates to be literate in English, while the US Constitution has no such limitations on language.

Speaking about his rather unorthodox choice Ayers says he is confident in his choice for vice president, noting:

“A lot of politicians speak one thing and don’t deliver. At least with Ms. Cabrera, [people] can relate to the words that come out of her mouth.”

In a funny turn of events, the invitation to be his running mate was made to Cabrera in May, however she first had to see his entire political platform laid out in Spanish before she would agree to be his running mate.

In a country where a large portion of the population does not declare English as a first language Avery Ayers might be on to something, even if the US Presidency isn’t in his card for the near future.

Would you be okay with a non-English speaking politician serving on your city council?

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