Daniel Tosh Raised $50K For A Friend With Brain Tumor – $25K Of That Money Was Won With A Bet

Comedian Daniel Tosh managed to raise $50,000 for a friend who is battling brain tumor. Only half that money was raised through donations, all of which, he bet on a game. His gutsy move allowed him to double the money!

Daniel Tosh is used to experimenting with the wild side and as host of Comedy Central’s Tosh.0., certainly isn’t a stranger to controversies. However, he made good use of his platform, and more importantly his fans, to do some charity work. Leveraging his celebrity status, Tosh managed to raise money for his friend and fellow comic Andy Ritchie. Tosh himself had started a GoFundMe page for Ritchie. As expected, the selfless gesture coming from a comedian like Tosh, quickly went viral and the page managed to collect $25,000 in pledges. At last count, the GoFundMe page is close to collecting $50,000. Not to the one to stop, during his show in Las Vegas, Tosh made a heartfelt appeal to his fans,

“If you want to help him out, please donate anything you can to his GoFundMe page, and I encourage you to. Five dollars, ten dollars, anything.”

Though this may be heart-warming gesture, Tosh comically added a risky twist to the money that was already collected. Tosh weighed in on gambling the entire sum of $25,000 on last night’s Miami Dolphins/New England Patriots game.

Caution: Some NSFW language

The comedian chided that he strongly hoped to double the amount of money that goes to Ritchie’s treatment. But he categorically mentioned that once he managed to double the money, he would let Ritchie decide what is to be done with it,

“Once I double it, [Ritchie] can do whatever he wants with it; go on a lion-hunting safari or get treatment.”

Interestingly, Daniel Tosh is an outspoken fan of Miami Dolphins, but he chose not to let his heart talk. Instead he chose to bet against his team, reported Fox News. Making sure his intentions and technique were clear to the crowd, he let them know in the language they enjoy the most,

“Now you degenerates will notice that I did not bet on the Dolphins. That’s gambling 101 — never bet with your heart, it’s bad luck. But I only bet on the Pats to cover the first half spread. This is a ‘can’t lose.'”

From a gambling perspective, Tosh played a very safe bet, albeit with a lot of money, which was meant for the treatment of his friend. From a technical point of view, the bet that Tosh laid at The Mirage in Las Vegas, would win only if the New England Patriots held “at least” a 3.5 point lead at halftime of last night’s game, reported Uproxx. Charlie Siskel, executive producer of the show which is hosted by Tosh, confirmed the bet was legit, and Tosh will give every penny of his winnings to Ritchie.

Speaking about the game and the mixed emotions, Tosh said the following.

“If my Dolphins are winning, I’m happy. If they’re losing, Andy gets some much-needed help. If the Dolphins are only losing by three points, there is no God. So please, Tom Brady, once in your life, you and Bill [Belichick] use your shady, dishonest cheating powers for good in the first half only. In the second half, I hope you get the **** kicked out of you.”

Owing to his luck and betting knowledge and given the fact the team was in good form, Tom Brady-led New England Patriots ended the first half with a defining 19-0 lead. They eventually won the game easily. The final score was 36-7, reported MSN.


The GoFundMe page setup for Andy Ritchie aims to raise about $100,000. Diagnosis indicates Ritchie can recover, but medical bills are expected to be expensive. Fortunately, he has friends like Daniel Tosh who are helping out.

[Photo by Robyn Von Swank / Comedy Central Press]