Bill Maher Goes After Halloween PC Police

Dieter Holger

Bill Maher thinks Halloween should be politically incorrect.

On Friday's Real Time, Maher went after critics of culturally offensive Halloween costumes.

"The PC police have to stop lecturing us on which Halloween costumes are inappropriate or insensitive," Maher said. "Leave Halloween to the people it was created for: middle-aged gay men."

"The fake outraged people get 364 days a year to be hypersensitive about everything. There has to be one day where going too far isn't just OK – it's celebrated (...) Halloween is supposed to be politically incorrect, that's why we say trick-or-treat instead of placate or coddle."

"I love Halloween," Maher said. "As far as holidays go that celebrate ghosts and mythical beings, it ranks right up there with Christmas."

Maher complained about the Internet and magazines being full of articles that call Halloween costumes offensive.

The HuffPost article – which was posted last year in a similar version – lists, among others, the Native American, the geisha, the hobo and the sexy nurse as offensive Halloween outfits.

Maher said the sexy nurse costume is "completely benign."

"I've never got the whole sexy nurse thing," Maher said. "Because really, who's that horny when you are in the hospital?"

Last Halloween, Hough received immense backlash for the outfit and later apologized. Brown, who allegedly physically abused former girlfriend Rihanna, famously told people to "get over it."

"Like that's the worst thing he ever did," Maher said about Brown's costume. "The Taliban should be wearing Chris Brown costumes!"

Maher criticized the outrage that surfaced after Hough's blackface costume.

"No, it's not a great costume," Maher said. "[Hough] looks less like Crazy Eyes and more like John Boehner."

"What's the big deal?" Maher asked. "Same with all the costumes on the buzzkill s***-list, like, mariachi. Mariachi themselves are wearing a costume!"

"Who is that one going to offend?" Maher asked. "The geisha who lives in the apartment upstairs? There's 12 geishas in the whole world and they are all in Kyoto – they're never going to find out you dressed like them in the office party in Irvine!"

"But a hobo isn't a homeless person," Maher said. "He's a classic character of American folklore. A loafer who survives by doing as little as possible. I believe the modern term for it is snowboarder."

Maher said that all costumes could be seen as offensive in some way.

"Vampires," Maher said. "Haven't the good people of Transylvania been stereotyped enough? Remember, Drac Lives Matter!"

"This is the lazy liberalism in which scolding has become a substitute for actually doing something," Maher said. "Reasonable people see self-righteous liberal busy bodies trying to leech the fun out of everything and they say, 'f*** I'm going to vote Republican because I just can't stand being on the same team as these humorless jacko**s!'"

[Photo via WhoSay/Screengrab]