Man Gets Ejected From Car — Responders Had To ‘Look Up’ To Find His Body

A 20-year-old man was ejected from his car early on October 30, 2015. When responders arrived to the scene, the driver was found in a most-unusual place. They literally couldn’t reach him without aid.

The man was identified as Richard Pananian. According to Fox News – Los Angeles, Pananian was from the Burbank area and heading southbound on the Interstate-5 freeway, traveling in a 2004 Ford Fiesta. The source notes that the man was not wearing his seat belt at the time.

Relevantly, the California Department of Motor Vehicles states that it’s a requirement for all travelers to wear a safety belt when driving, especially the driver.

This regulation would have surely helped to save this man if it were followed. However, unfortunately, Richard — for reasons only he knows — wasn’t wearing his seat belt at that time.

KTLA-5 News reports that the man was passing other vehicles along the right shoulder of the freeway. While doing so, he was speeding. There came a point when the 20-year-old man attempted to pass a 2004 F-150. However, upon approach, there was an error somehow. The source reports that Richard’s vehicle veered into Lane 4 as the truck was only going speeds of 90 miles per hour.

As the car careened out of control, the Ford Fiesta driver collided with the truck, connecting with its rear bumper. This sent Richard Pananian darting over to the right, and from there, he lost all control. His vehicle began to flip and overturn several times. Since he wasn’t wearing a seat belt, Pananian was ejected from the vehicle by the overturning momentum. The part that baffled many news sources is the fact that he landed atop the Colorado Street exit sign, which was 20 feet above ground.

While he was thrown to that location, his car continued up the embankment — eventually losing momentum and tumbling back down into traffic.

Emergency responders arrived on the scene and had to use an extended ladder in order to reach him. Of course, this didn’t happen until the California Highway Patrol shut down all traffic in the area.

Moments later, the agency opened all northbound traffic while keeping all southbound lanes closed.

Eventually, the first and second lanes opened while the third and fourth lanes were still closed as they retrieved the man from the platform.

After the man was recovered from the freeway signage, he was covered with a sheet. Once he was safely in their care, the agency reopened all lanes on the freeway. The driver was pronounced dead on the scene.

KTLA-5 News quoted California Highway Patrol Officer Edgar Figeroa as follows.

“Any time you speed and you don’t wear your seat belt, there’s a good chance you’re going to get hurt, if not killed.”

Unfortunately for Richard Pananian, it’s much too late to “click it.” The news source also notes that law enforcement authorities haven’t ruled whether his speeding was or wasn’t due to any type of alcohol or drug usage. However, it’s being investigated.

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[Image via California Department of Motor Vehicles]

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