Jim Bob Duggar ‘Desperate’ To Repair Josh, Anna Duggar’s Marriage, Worried About What Divorce Would Do To Family

Jim Bob Duggar is reportedly desperate to keep his family together and doing everything he can to combat the possibility of his oldest son, Josh Duggar, and his daughter-in-law, Anna Duggar, divorcing.

According to Hollywood Life, he’s even resorted to drastic measures hoping the estranged couple will opt to make their marriage work. It has been reported that Jim Bob has offered to buy his son and daughter-in-law a new home so they can have a fresh start. However, it doesn’t look like she’s interested in the sizable peace offering. In fact, it has been rumored that she plans to decline the home and move forward with the divorce.

An inside source recently spilled details about the family’s problems. Apparently, Jim Bob Duggar believes the collapse of his son’s marriage will open the door for other problems that could be potentially catastrophic for the family, in its entirety. The source bluntly insists Jim Bob fears their divorce will be “the nail in the coffin for his whole family” as one divorce may open the door for many others.

“If Anna doesn’t accept the house and do what she can to save her marriage, things are going to get very uncomfortable,” the source said. “This is more than just about saving their marriage, in Jim Bob’s eyes, he’s fighting to save the entire family. If Anna leaves Josh it will be the nail in his coffin for Josh and the rest of the family. Getting Anna back in line and on board is priority one right now. If this house doesn’t work, if bribes won’t work, then Jim Bob will come up with a plan B. He’s not the kind of guy that just gives up.”

The downward spiral of Josh and Anna’s marriage reportedly began when the 19 Kids and Counting stars sparked a media firestorm with molestation allegations, accusing Josh of molesting his younger sisters. Initially, fans hoped the reports were nothing more than nasty rumors, and even Jim Bob Duggar and family matriarch, Michelle, allegedly attempted to keep the riveting family skeletons in a closet. But, Josh ultimately came forward with a statement of address, admitting to the allegations. However, that’s not all.

The shocking admission was only the beginning of the end, as a string of other incriminating discoveries have only added fuel to the fire. Following the Duggar sex scandal, Josh made headlines again with the Ashley Madison breach.

For those who missed that, a staggering number of the site’s social media accounts’ were compromised and many people involved in extramarital affairs were exposed. Josh happened to be one of those users. The sex scandal and extramarital affairs led to the discovery of Josh’s addiction to cheating and pornography. Needless to say, their marriage hasn’t been the same since.

Although Josh is currently residing in a faith-based rehabilitation center in an attempt to get his life back on track, the self-improvements aren’t enough to persuade Anna to stay. Since he began his rehabilitation stint, she and their four kids have been residing in Florida with her parents while making trips back and forth to Jim Bob and Michelle’s home in Arkansas, reports OK! magazine.

Due to the strain Josh’s situation has put on the family, Jim Bob Duggar reportedly purchased a home for them. However, the house isn’t just any house. It’s said to be an exquisite, 3,800-square-foot brick home on two acres of land in close proximity to the Duggar estate. According to In Touch Weekly, the home is a form of “bribery” with strings attached as opposed to a gift. But, as previously reported on Inquisitr, Anna’s not interested. A source recently shared Anna’s perspective with In Touch Weekly.

“Offering Anna the home is just a ploy to get her to abandon any idea of leaving Josh. She’ll be going from sleeping in a closet to living in a mansion. Also, it’s so close to the main Duggar compound that she can always call on the family for help whenever she needs it.”

At this point, the future of the Duggar family is unknown, but it’s probably safe to say the obstacles won’t stop Jim Bob Duggar from trying to repair the problems they’re facing. Do you agree with Jim Bob Duggar? If Josh and Anna divorce, will it lead to problems for the entire family?

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